WRITE From the Soul

When you begin a poem or story, not because your publisher suggested it, but because it’s a plot that you love, you’re writing from your heart. You use all your effort to make this perfect, and if you hate it, your readers will, too.

Your writing is special, always, but sometimes you have a deadline to write a specific story. Other times you begin a plot that you’ve created on a whim, one that you know is a novelette, you work on independently, working your mind, heart, and soul. A poem is always written from your soul, otherwise it wouldn’t really be exceptional poetry by my standards.

This is a little creepy to me. Whomever reads your poetry or story actually sees inside you, sees how you work. Writing is putting your thoughts out for people to read. Recently I’ve been a little scared, gently holding back, then realizing that I should allow myself to run.

For example, say a random person comes up to you, and says “Write a story about a cat who isn’t in the house very often but saves their person in two weeks.” You write the story, but it’s really not something you’re hot on. But say you’re listening to a song, and you’re charged with an idea. This story is one that you are loving, this story is your story, which you will painstakingly work on until it’s complete. Page numbers don’t matter, and when you finish the plot, you edit until you’re tired of reading it, send it to an editor, edit it, and send it to a publisher. Ta-da! There, you have more pride selling your beloved story than one that you just wrote because you had to.

Also take for example that someone manages to find all the books that you’ve written from your heart. This person reads them all, and after thinking about them for a while, you get to see how that person’s mind works. Children’s stories, as in stories for children, aren’t really the best for this. But this person reads all your beloved stories, walks up to you, writes something down, hands you the pen, rolls up their sleeves, and asks you a question. You answer, and this person turns the page around and shows you what he’d written: your answer! You can see a person’s longing, how they see the world, how they describe an event, and how they think.

Well, by now I’m repeating myself, so I suppose that I’ll end with a little exercise called:

Running Ideas

I feel that, especially with a pencil and paper, my ideas and thoughts (especially in these exercises) flow down my arm, focus through my pencil like light though a crystal, and run onto the paper. To capture this, this exercise helps reverse things and gets your brain flowing.

If you’ve been writing for a while, by now you’re used to seeing events and describing them with words. So, take up your pencil, grab a clean sheet of paper, and draw what you think! If you usually draw what you imagine, write what you see. Another way to do this exercise is to go to a scene, such as the beach, harbor, or city, and draw if you write, and write if you draw, then write if you write, and draw if you draw. Compare the two exercises, and see if they’re close.

“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and have a great week!”



Music Is A Thousand Notes

When I was little, I took this one music class called ‘bells’. I would choose a bell, open my book to the song, and count beats softly to myself, sounding the bell at the appropriate time. All around the room began soft ringing tones, singing “Aura Lee” and “Grandfather Clock”.

But wait! My music only read the note that I played, only at my timing! Each bell played individually, but the symphony was in the proper order to create a song. I realized this as a concept of music. Each song or tune is made up of several individual notes, all played at different times and held for certain amounts of time. Like in bells, some notes would be played more often, and your arm would get tired. Others played only a few times.

Now, move on to the piano. When you first start to learn, you play one note at a time, each finger pressing a note individually. After you improve, you begin to play chords, and several notes at the same time. If you play the piano, you may notice some keys get sticky, such as high c or another note you play often.

Bach is a good example of a composer: in his songs, both the left and right hands play a tune. I play “Bouree” by him, “Gavotte” by him, “Soffeggio”, by his son, and “Tacotta and Fugue,” the most famous song by J.S. Bach.  

I also can pick out different melodies and instruments in songs. ABBA is one of my favorite bands because of the variety of instruments and tunes they use, as well as the choir of voices. Next time you listen to music, put on some headphones, and try to pick out triangles, guitars, flutes…Also listen to see if a certain note is played more than others.

Ah, music! One of my favorite subjects!


The Glory of Fireworks

Today’s my birthday.

No, seriously, it is. Just ask the people who work at this Starbucks…I really did redeem the birthday coupon, and I really am drinking my favorite drink.

I’m looking forwards to the fireworks tonight. For the past few days, however, people in the neighborhood keep putting off the little ones. I keep running around, watching one little “show”, then dashing down to the next, and staring at the sky over the hill as it flashes colors and rumbles with faint fireworks.

Do you know why the fireworks are full of fire? The reason is gunpowder. It started back in ancient China, way back in the 12th century. They were blasted off to keep evil spirits away during festivals, or just keep them away from everything. China still is making most of the world’s fireworks.

When you mix gunpowder with other chemicals and elements, such as magnesium, to make it white and sparkly, and chemicals to make it colored, it changes the look of the fireworks. If you how you deliver the fireworks into the sky, you can change the shape of the fireworks as well as the sound.

Magnesium! I once burnt a strip of magnesium. It was like a 100-watt bulb in the size of a pinhead. Then I dropped it into a jar of oxygen, and it was like the sun. When you look at the street fireworks, most of the flashes are thanks to tiny magnesium bits or powder that gets lit for a short period of time. Now, think again when you go to take your daily dose of magnesium!

Fireworks are beautiful, but deadly. Some don’t work, and some  work way too well! I personally say a safe distance is at least a good twenty feet away from the burning rocket, especially if it’s on the ground, but be ready to get up and run if you have to, if it’s on the ground. About half a block away is pretty safe. Across the street is okay.

What kind of fireworks do you like?


Thanks to Wikipedia for having this page open for plenty of my resources.

Tangles In The Yarn: My Personal Knitting Techniques And Troubles

In this post, I describe the way I knit. From my previous posts about knitting, you thought that I was an expert: really, I’m not. Get ready for my explanation of what I do, and what my reaction is, as well as the little mistakes I’ve made.

I learned to knit sometime up to five years ago. I learned it three times: once from my grandmother, then I forgot; once from a knitting class, when I forgot a little bit more. At last I managed to keep knitting, though I mostly crocheted. I even borrowed a book from the library, and tried knitting more. Again, I forgot. Finally, I bought a book from a used bookstore, the same one that I found in the library, and began knitting more. I got another knitting book (and some needles and yarn) for Christmas, and I’ve been happily working on several projects at a time, mostly increasing my skills.

At one point, it was crazy: I had a hat for my cousin (very complicated, from Hattitue) going, a fluffy scarf for myself, and dreams of knitting myself a pair of mittens. The hat got stashed in my cabinet: I’d gotten lost in the pattern. I was working on the scarf forever, although it was so boring. Just a few months ago, I finished my scarf, and began the mittens with a beautiful yarn that I had (by the way, it doesn’t match the scarf) and loved it. I unraveled the hat, because I probably wasn’t going to finish it anyways, and began knitting my cousin a cute pair of mittens. The mittens for my cousin have a dark green cuff, thumb-tip, and finger-tip, and a lighter green body. I knitted crazily on my first pair of mittens, increasing in an impossible way: the increase was making gaps in my fabric. And, I discovered that I had been knitting wrong with double-pointed needles when I knitted the thumb of my mitten differently from the hand. Oh. See, the needles form the triangle ( < ), and instead of knitting along the outside, like I discovered was the real way  to do it, I knit along the inside! Let’s also give you a demonstration of the increase that you’re supposed to do:

My knitting is horribly different: when I take the yarn over for the stitch, I go from RIGHT to LEFT, instead of LEFT to RIGHT like the woman does. I also do my knit stitch differently: in the increase video, you can see that there are two parts in the increase. Well, do you see that last part? I do that for every single knit stitch. Thus, whenever it taught me how to increase, I’d do the last part twice, because my knitting is off, giving the same result as a yarn over, for those experienced knitters reading this. (My pearl stitch is fine)

So when I was knitting my mitten, I was angry with the little bars that were forming, ruining the warmth of my mitten.  I watched several videos, and discovered my mistakes. I decided to start increasing the stitches like in the video, but keep knitting how I’d been knitting: it made no difference to the fabric, just that the little loops were facing different ways on my needle. For the knitting of my sock monkey, I’m going to do the knitting in the round the way that you’re supposed to, because there’s no point for me to turn the monkey inside out. But for things I can turn inside out, like hats or mittens, I will knit the way I keep doing.

My cousin’s mittens look so much better than mine, since there are no bars across the thumb (my mittens also are pulling the limit with finger space). But when I was knitting her mitten…I was horrified to see that I had finished the mitten too soon, leaving almost no finger space for her! I could snip the knot off, and unravel, then pick up the stitches, but I’d try that on my own mittens, lost track of where the end of the round was, and ended up restarting the whole thing. But I snipped, pulled…and after picking up numerous dropped stitches and counting carefully, I resumed the knitting (read here for another woman’s post about how she edited a storebought-knitwear) and kept working. I’m nearly done with that mitten: just the tip and the rest of the thumb are left. I think I gave myself confidence by doing this: I’m ready to do nearly the same on my own pair of mittens, fix the increases, and give myself a bit more finger-space. My plan is to decrease down to the edge of the cuff, then knit up again from there. I’ll follow my edited pattern for my cousin’s mittens to make my own new and improved mittens.

Geez, why am I writing so many really, really long posts? Probably because I’m more passionate about the subjects, or maybe I’m just more experienced.


Modern Technology: What To Do And What Not To Do With Your CD

CDs are the current media carrier, like tapes and records were in their day. It differs greatly from the other two, but like tapes and records, it’s easy to scratch. CDs rely on lasers to convey information. If you ruin the surface, much like if you ruin a record’s surface, it ruins the playback. To help you survive with this new technology, here’s a simple guide of what not to do with your CD.

1) Only touch the edges of the CD. If you touch the middle, you **** the surface and therefore ruin the playback, as I said. If there are smudges, moisten, not soak, a cotton ball with alcohol and gently wipe the surface of the disk. Let it air dry.

2) Don’t break it, obviously.

3) Don’t use it as a pizza cutter.

4) Don’t throw it into the garbage disposal (see 2)

5) Don’t put it in your pocket. (see 1)

6) Don’t scrub it with the scratchy end of a sponge. (see 1)

7) Don’t half-put the CD into the drive. This can a) scratch the disk, and b) break the disk. (see 1 and 2)

8) Don’t put it in the drive upside down. You will get no playback if you do this common mistake.

9) Don’t pour grease/candle wax over the CD and attempt to play the CD.

10) Don’t try to play the CD underwater. The computer/DVD player/stereo/et cetera will short circuit.

11) Do not draw a CD on cardboard, color it, and attempt to play it like the real copy. It won’t work.

12) Only label the top of the CD, preferably with a label or Sharpie marker. The top is the side that doesn’t have rainbow colors all over it.

13) Don’t write the CDs contents on the rainbow-side of the disk, even if the CD is empty. It won’t work (unfortunately)

14) It wouldn’t be a good idea to put a virus onto a CD, unless you plan to destroy whatever computer you put the disk into.

15) Don’t break it, then attempt to tape/glue the pieces together. (see 2)

16) Don’t play frisbee with it. Ever.

17) Don’t use it to play fetch with your dog. (see 16 and 1)

18) Don’t eat it. Not only is it bad for your digestion, but it horribly affects the playback of the CD. Even if you try to play it ten hours later, after it has significantly dried, the CD won’t even fit into the drive.

19) Don’t mash it up, and try to make cookies/brownies/et cetera with it. (see 18)

20) Don’t pass a magnet over the surface, even an inch from the surface. This will remove the information from the CD, and transfer it to the magnet, where you cannot play it back.

21) Don’t try to use it as a parachute. You will die, and break the CD.

22) Don’t use it as a knife. (see 1)

23) Don’t use it as a murder weapon. (see 22)

 Now that you have these simple tips, you can break free from old-fashioned tapes, and buy your first CD!

(Note: Most of these tips have been written on a humorous base. They are all helpful to know, however, and all are examples of what not to do with a CD)


Yin and Yang–in the Moon?

Buenos dias, my readers. (That means ‘good afternoon’ in Spanish. It starts with B. 🙂 )

Ah, last night was the complete full moon. I saw it rise, a perfect sphere. I stared at it, and noticed that there was a yin-yang symbol…made by the dark seas and the plain surface! This might not have occurred to you, but I feel emotionally attached to the moon. A lot of people think its pretty, but my star sign is Cancer, and Cancer (the star sign, not the illness) is ruled by the moon. This may explain it…it might be a stupid idea.

Do you think I’m also silly to think there’s a Yin-Yang symbol in the moon? Take a look at this:

Do you see the symbol? Look up yin-yang symbol if you don’t know what it looks like, or don’t know what it is. For those who hate links (I mean, what kind of website am I leading you too?), I’ll give you my explanation.

Yin-yang is a Chinese concept. the Yin-Yang symbol represents balance of, basically, light and dark. In feng-shei, Yin and Yang are essential parts, and must be perfectly balanced for there to be harmony in your home/business space.  Yin is the ‘dark’, and ‘Yang’ is the light. Think you’d have a ‘completely Yang’ over a ‘Yin-and-Yang house’? Think again. A day completely without cool nighttime? A loud and noisy party without quiet minutes? No. They need balance.

Ah, the moon. Look up. See. Find the craters, the dark seas (name them if you’d like), and the mountains. Watch the lunar eclipses. Don’t watch the solar eclipses. Look at this bunny:




Or look at neither and look at this link instead.

Adios, and see you tomorrow (hopefully?)

~Aidyl 🙂

How Politics Works

purple nurple optical illusion
Stare at it until you find its hidden meaning.

Warning: This post may offend some people. This picture may make you dizzy. If you don’t like it, leave and never return.

Blast it, I’m late again for today! And I almost used ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD afternoon’ instead of a ‘b’ word to start this post!

Anyway, to the subject we fly! Today I will launch into the confusing world of politics. How many people know what’s going on in the political world? Outside of the government? A very small percentage. Basically, politics is no one wanting to admit that someone else is right, even if they have to spend a million dollars in a new campaign, no one wants someone else to be right. And when we do admit it, we launch into it with such enthusiasm, and are so stubborn after that, that it’s like trying to take a bone from an old, mad, british bulldog. With rabies. Or, as with the election of American President Obama, people support him, then, three hours after the election, people start getting ready for being mad: they write emails, blog posts, news reports, make games, et cetera. Three days later, people are selling brochures about it: GET MAD AT THE PRESIDENT: FREE FREE FREE! SIXTY DOLLARS WITH YOUR COOPERATION! With the downfall of the economy, (I’ll get into that for the next post) sixty bucks sounds great. Six weeks later, people are bribed. Three months later, people are starting riots. Three years later…he’s almost out, and this whole thing starts over again. Smart.

What is it with people? People are paranoid, and when thy is beset by paranoia, thy shalt become dumba@*%#. At a certain gym I go to, people are starting to require you to show them your real drivers license. For real. Along with your membership card. In a gym? What the heck do you lose if you let someone in who has just a legal card? If someone stole it, so what? It’s a gym, not a bank.

Shall I leap over to the economy? No, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Awfully short post, I know, but just go stare at the picture at the bottom here and figure out what it means. I’m not explaining. Or check out one of my links. Or what I just said. Or subscribe. Or stop reading this RIGHT NOW AFTER THE NEXT PERIOD and go do something constructive. (This may change the world, and reading this is constructive 🙂 )


I mean it.

Look for my post AFTER NOON, not in the morning.

PS: Look at my blog. 😦 Zero visitors yesterday and three the day before 😦 😦 sads are takn ovr mah world.

PS PS: I’m serious, and ignore the text talk.