Rainbows, Rain, and Mas Espanol (More Spanish)

Mujer Mejor

No estoy perfecta, (I am not perfect)

pero mi amor: (but my love)

lo me construye mejor, (It builds me better)

mejor que antes. (better than before)

Antes hoy (Before today)

estoy (I am)

en mi personalidad (in my personality)

fea, no feliz, (ugly, not happy)

cruel a todo circademe. (cruel to all around me)

Pero hoy, (but today)

contigo, (with you)

con el amor tuyo (with the love of yours)

que te dame (that you give me)

estoy hoy (I am today)

una mujer mejor, (a better woman)

una mujer con pasion (a woman with passion)

una mujer con razon (a woman with reason)

estar vivando, (to be living)

todo porque (all because)

te andas en mi corazon (you walk into my heart)

y te abrazas la buena y la mala (and you embrace the good and the bad)

juntos. (together)

Playing with a few Spanish words, I came up with this little poem. It went from no estoy perfecta to talking about how “I” was a horrible person but now I’m better because of you. Isn’t that nice of me to say?

Why yes, I think it is. Thank you.

You’re welcome–wait, what?

Never mind.

Sorry that I skipped last week, and since it was Christmas Eve I’m sure you all expected me to talk about something snowy or Christmasy or something of the like and were extremely surprised to see that I didn’t. I was feeling a little under the weather (which is a slight play on words, since it was rainy here on Christmas Eve)

Due to the usual amount of precipitation around where I live, the clouds have been forming some gor-geous colors and patterns in the sky. The most interesting thing, I find, is that on the north side of my house when there are many puddles and the sun is behind some clouds the puddles reflect my yard. They also reflect the blueness. After it rains the water turns everything blue, even the reds. Everything gets that cobalt or germainium blue that…well, doesn’t look out of place after a rain storm, to tell the truth.

One afternoon after a particularly heavy shower there was a blazing rainbow that lasted for at least twenty minutes. I’m not exaggerating here! And when I say ‘blazing’, I mean it was so intense that it could have cast shadows…almost. Seeing the colors reflected in the puddles on the aforementioned northern side of my house was dazzling. Seeing the rainbow ‘end’ in my house was even more dazzling!

I took a walk during that rainbow because it was so beautiful. When I came to the edge of the river near where I live I had an unobstructed view of the clouds and the last vestiges of the rainbow. Sunset had turned every color, even the blues and greens, into reds and magentas! It was like a tiny sunset on the east side. The rainbow arced out of gray and purple clouds like ugly (but in this case very pretty) bruises. Towards the ocean I could see the hazy downward strokes of rain as it fell on the shore. Behind me, towards the real sunset, was sherbet-colored light on blue clouds. To the north clouds gathered and bunched up as they passed over the mountains like a ton of sheep trying to jump over the same fence post at the same time. The little park nearby was filled with blues and darkened greens.

Rainshowers darken every color. When the light hits the soaked leaves and grass it creates a beautiful gold-green-blue color. I really do suggest taking a walk after every shower to somewhere near a body of water where you have a clear view of the sky. You’ll wish you had twelve of every sense so you could catch the complexity of every detail and even the smells…smells! You can catch car fumes, rain, grass, soil, water, flowers, fresh air, lightning, solitude, and so many more different scents. Compared to the cream-colored and dull indoor air, after-rain scent-amplified air is like a noisy, gaudy silk blanket next to burlap. It should be a perfume. I’d buy it.

I hope you had a delightful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. 😀

Oh, and the rainbow unicorns send their love, too.



Happy Holidays, One And All!

Christmas and Hanukka are both here at last! Good tidings to all!

Before you get indignant, I’m postponing my current story, “Operation Kiss-My-You-Don’t-Wanna-Know-What” until next week. After all, it’s  the holidays! There is also a bit if writer’s block at the point where I am now, so I appreciate your patience for the story!

So, our subject: gifts! Oh my, they’re fun! How many times,, especially as a kid, could you barely wait to open your gifts on Christmas morning? Of course, of course…

The gifts I’m giving my close family are all homemade this year, and all wrapped differently. In vagueness, I have made pillows, key chains, and knitted things. There is one wrapped in a nice silver box with a double length of red yarn for the ribbon, one tiny one in a box wrapped with red-and-white tissue paper tied with a triple length of red yarn, one wrapped normally with purple wrapping paper and tied with a gold ribbon, and one wrapped up with Christmas-themed fabric, fastened with gold safety-pins, and trussed up with a double length of bright red yarn! This is the first time that the wrapping of all the gifts I’ve made are special and unique from each other! Sure, somebody cut  the cloth in a strange way and it was the only thing left on hand, but hey, it worked!

Another thing  that most people don’t go the season without is cookies! “Chocolate Orange Dreams”, “Snowballs”, “Magic Bars”, “Oatmeal Cookies”, and more are special traditions in this house, but also in preparation this year are cinnamon buns, which are rising right now, and waffles for tomorrow! Oh, and don’t forget the dinner and cookies for Santa!

Therefore I will leave you to enjoy your holiday and be with family, and leave me to catch the buns before they rise too high. Happy Holidays, everyone!


What To-Morrow Will Bring

When soon-nearing darkness

falls over the world,

joyous are those

who are in celebration this night.

For tonight is a holiday,

whence most know best,

Where trees wear bright decor,

and bear a bright star.

Those trees shelter gifts,

from loved ones to same ones,

whilst ‘pon the mantelshelf,

dangle stockings, embroidered.

And the morrow will bring,

much joy of to sing,

spying stockings a-brimming,

presents a-tempting,

And breakfast the toast of the town!


Writer’s Block: A Description, and How To Cope

Hello all, merry Christmas Eve Eve.

I expect you’re not reading this until January. I can tell you’re on vacation as I write this. Also as I write this, I am suffering a tiny bit of writer’s block–in the form of blog posts.

What, you are allowed to ask, is writer’s block? Well…it’s an artistic type of thing. Composers, sculptors, painters, sketchers, and writers all suffer from this macabre disease. Have you ever looked at a piece of blank paper with a paintbrush in your hand, with no idea of what to paint? Of course Vincent Van Gogh suffered this, many times, before he could make his works of art. Do you suppose that Beethoven had no idea what song to write? Everyone gets this, especially writers. Writer’s block dines on creativity, fantasy, and imagination, which is why writer’s block preys on writers the most; especially fantasy writers. Over 60% of a fantasy writer’s works are pure imagination. Read a book. Marvel at the choice of words that describe the scene. That is what makes a story a story–but it’s hard to get.

Moving on, writer’s block is not a diagnosed disease, like the flu, so how do you know if you have it? The most obvious symptoms are not being able to find a single idea. You’ve been writing an amazing fantasy novel. You know you want a dragon to arrive, but you can’t figure out how to write that scene, or the reactions of wherever it’s attacking. Heck, you can’t even find out where the dragon is going to terrorize! Another symptom is my God I don’t think this is the right way to say that I’ll try again Whoa that didn’t work right I’m going to write it again Da** nothing works You know what I’m going to get a cappuccino then I’ll get right back to this Wow a cappuccino costs five fifty . This is one of the most powerful symptoms. Don’t let it beat you! This will terrorize you until you give up writing, thinking, I can’t write, who am I kidding?

The second you recognize writer’s block, the most important thing to do is: DON’T PANIC! You will not die (obviously, because the tag says ‘make-believe disease’). My dad, who writes along with his job as a lawyer, has given me some pointers to overcome writer’s block, and I will hand them to you.

1. Do a ‘morning paper’. Every day, sit down at your computer or your notebook, or your clay, and write, draw, or sculpt the first thing that comes into your mind, no matter how stupid it sounds.  Well, I’ve got writer’s block. flurbibibinachinapkins, I can’t think of anything to write is a good start. This is kind of like a journal, and you should do this at the very least five minutes a day. You can do it for an hour, and you’ll get through with writer’s block sooner. My dad says that the reason it works is that it takes the top layer off, getting it to flow.  This is like pulling the cork out of a bottle; it’s hard, but once you’ve done it, it’s easy to pour the wine out. Or a bottle of glue without a cap. you’ve got to peel off the top, and then it’s easy (that’ a better simile) to get the glue out. Of course, the top part of your glue keeps drying up, but it’s harder for what’s underneath the dry, and if you keep the hard part off, you’ll never get writer’s block.

2. Don’t work on your story. This may seem silly, but actually it can start the writer’s block up all over again. Stay away, and don’t think about it until you’re ready. Sometimes, stories just aren’t meant to be on their own. Every time I hear a song, I get a new idea. New ideas are nice, but not all of them are stories. It’s hard, but often when you’ve started a promising tale, you can add those scenes to it; as long as they work.


Huh. Lookie here, I’ve stuffed away the writer’s block I had as i was writing about writer’s block. As I was saying, to a writer, ideas are never ending. Try to write them down. J.R.R. Tolken has a whole collection of story ‘bits’ that never got incorperated into a real book, or turned into a book of their own. Plus, you have a great catalogue of scenes to flip through during writer’s block to try and un-block it. Patriciaa C. Wrede said in Book of Enchantments, her collection of her own short stories:

Ideas are the Easy Part. The hard part is getting the words down on paper that convey the ideas, and getting the words right.

I think exactly that. Remember it as you think of stories. Also remember that some people, yes, you too, might not really be meant to be writers.

Merry Christmas! (and a Happy New Year!)



What Happened On Christmas

Hey all.

Here comes yet another, antsy Christmas post; duck! Actually, this post won’t be on Christmas today; it’ll be on Christmas over forty years ago. On December 25, throughout history, there were thousands of events, births, and deaths. Of course, the most famous birth on that 25th was of course the birth of Jesus, in Bethlehem.

Yes, it’s history-buff time. We’ll start with the year 1223. St. Francis of Assisi  was the first person to assemble a nativity scene.

I will now skip forward to the early history of the United States of America. December 25, 1776, George Washington took his troops into a few boats, and poled across the icy Delaware river to attack King George’s troops in Trenton, New Jersey. (I am led to believe that when he opened the door to attack, George Washington yelled, “Merry Christmas!”)

And in 1818(memorable year), a choir from the church of St. Nikolaus in Oberdorf, Austria sang “Silent Night” for the first time in history.

In the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, the Eggnog Riot took place in the year of 1826.

1914, in WWI, German and British troops on the Western Front made a Christmas truce, and temporarily ceased fire.

To skip forward once again, in 2003, the Beagle 2 probe disappeared just before it was scheduled to land. What a Christmas present, huh?

Well, those are the more interesting points of Christmas. They are courtesy of Wikipedia, and you can read the full list of events, births, and deaths at this link.  By the way, resist your temptations to write the outcome of your most recent date on Wikipedia. Most people don’t want to see that.

I might do another post later today, but that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and merry Christmas!


Procrastination–the Biggest Problem In the World Besides the Economy

Who wants a Christmas-related post? (“I do!”)

Holy cow, there’s only FIVE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! That means TWO MORE SHOPPING DAYS LEFT FOR THOSE WHO BUY GIFTS INSTEAD OF MAKING THEM!  No, don’t buy them all now. Bake thousands of cookies.

I have previously stated about how you should make things yourself. I mean, make them like knit, or crochet, or sew, or compose, or write, or draw…but with FIVE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS, one really doesn’t have quite enough time to actually make something. Heck, paint has to dry, and so does glue, the parts have to arrive, and it takes time to make the body of that sock monkey, or the brim of that hat. Not many people can/like/will make[ing] cookies, so this leaves a huge gap on your Christmas list because you procrastinated.

Procrastination is NOT a great idea when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Say it’s Thanksgiving. You wake up at ten, and find that you forgot to: defrost the chicken, bake the pie, buy the ingredients… For Christmas, five days to the big day, and you have NO PRESENTS for your friends (yep. I planned on making clay statuettes, but only one is part way finished, not even baked.), or Christmas cards in the mail. For…let’s say your birthday party. No invitations handed out to your neighbors, and tomorrow’s the date. Not only is that stressing, but inconsiderate. Only 10% of people will go to a party that is within three days of the invite, especially to a birthday party, and the chances are that they can stay only for an hour, and have no present, because there was not time.

But enough. Anyway, how am I even going to manage baking three types of cookies and some fudge before tomorrow afternoon at two thirty? I should get  off right now because I have a hat to finish, cookies to bake, and a sock monkey to knit, but I must say “congratulations” to myself, and “Welcome”.


Could I ever tell you why?

Well, my visitors have peaked. Nineteen rolled in yesterday, and as I write, six have already visited https://bluegirlblueworld.wordpress.com/ (that’s my website, in case you couldn’t tell). Welcome, everyone, and enjoy the holiday antsiness, as well as the blog posts on almost everything I can think of!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


A Christmas Cookie Poem–Wait, What?


I checked my blog this morning, and guess what. :-O Someone searched “christmas cookie poem”. At the time, I didn’t have one, but for him/her, I’m going to write one now:

Christmas Cookies

A warm oven

produces its ever-loved items,

a batch of delicious,



spicy sugar cookies.

They warm my heart,

a Christmas present for my stomach.


Click the title, and it will take you to my ‘Poems” page, where you can view “Christmas Cookies” as well as a few other Christmas poems, and haikus. if you’ve got any ideas that you’d like me to turn into either a poem or Very Short Story, let me know. I might not have time to post it for the next three days, because I’ve got to bake millions of cookies for a craft fair on Tuesday( 😦 ), but I will most likely get to it by Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned, and merry Christmas!


(Note: previously, the link wouldn’t work. I fixed that, so now it takes you where it’s supposed to.)

Christmas Cookies

As the Christmas season approaches, I get antsy. Till the 25th, you’re going to find more updates: every day. Be sure to check the poems page, because I’ll probably upload a few new ones.

Oh, and it’s Friday already???

Mmm, is there nothing better than fresh cookies–especially on a rainy day? Last night, my cousins were over for a bit of Christmas cheer, and Shanie (that’s her nickname) said, “I want cookies, Aidyl. Let’s make cookies.” So I spent ten minutes trying to stop Rialc from taking out every single thing I owned, and finding the recipe. At last I found the Tollhouse Cookies recipe on the back of the chocolate chips, and began. Shortly, I had a delicious batch on my counter.

Yeah, cookies. During Christmas, cookies are an essential. Sugar cookies are popular, but my family has a tradition: Chocolate Orange Dreams. I don’t recommend this recipe for beginners, although if you have adequate help, these are the most delicious cookies.

Chocolate Orange Dreams


1 cup of butter (unsalted)

1 cup granulated sugar (that’s regular sugar)

1-3 oz. package cream cheese, softened

2 eggs

2 teaspoons grated orange peel

2 teaspoons fresh strained orange juice, or pulp-free orange juice

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup (6 oz package) semi-sweet chocolate chips

What to Do:

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Grease baking sheet with either non-stick spray, or butter and flour (smooth butter over pan, then sprinkle on flour. Tap out excess)

2. Combine butter, sugar, and cream cheese in a large mixing bowel. Beat at medium speed until well blended. Beat in eggs (wash hands well after handling raw poultry!), orange peel, orange juice, and salt. Add flour gradually at a low speed. Mix until well blended. Add chocolate chips.

3. Use a teaspoon to scoop out a blob of dough. Shape into a ball, and drop two inches apart on the greased baking sheet. Bake in hot oven for 8 to 10 minutes, or until light brown around edges.

4. While the cookies are baking, combine 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 1/2 teaspoons strained or pulp free orange juice, and 1 1/2 teaspoons orange-flavored liquer in a small-ish bowel until there are no more sugar lumps.

5. When cookies are done, place on stove to cool, then transfer to a wire rack. Put wax or parchment paper beneath the rack, then gently brush glaze over cookies. Let the set, then eat with milk or orange juice.

Yum. You’ll find that these can’t last a week, and there will be none to take home at the end of a party. If you want, make them each year. They can be frozen, so start around Thanksgiving (or mid November) and make thirty batches.

See you tomorrow,, and Merry Christmas!