NaPoWriMo 2011

Welcome to my ‘archive’! This is from April, 2011, in honor of the National Poetry and Writing Month. There is a date in italic beside each poem, telling you when it was posted, and the title is in bold above each poem. Hope you enjoy them!

It is also no mistake that there are a few missing days. Bear with it. That’s what I wrote.


April 1

 Finding Love


Kiss her!

Will do.



April 2





slops around my spoon.

I eat it,

leaving white smears on the spoon,

and meteor streaks on the bowl.

April 3

All Folly Desire

What in thy wishes for these items to be bestowed upon thee,

yet thou shalt lose them at the end of your days?

What in thy mind guides thee

to want these lowly things?

Let instead of thy mind

guide thee will your soul,

so that’st thou may find that which will

make all days brighter as this is in thy possession

of this thing that is now a part of thy soul.

April 4


Would today be

the first warm day of spring,

or the last warm day of winter?

Would that flower be

the first flower or spring,

or perhaps the last flower of winter?

If there is no border,

no definite line,

how can we tell?

Through only the feel of the air,

the joyous feel,

that living, warm smell.

Through the lush scent,

I suppose that it’s spring.

 April 5


Nann bread in a drawer.

I remove a slice,

then hurry over to watch something.

“Why does it taste like dirt?”

I look down, and see;



April 6

The Small Harold

Silvery, tarnished clouds cover the sky.

Just before the first clean,


drop falls, a single drop plunges,


of the entire storm,

milliseconds before the others fall.

April 7

Cat’s Cradle

Twist your hand, twist the string,

’round and ’round, like a ring,

Then you stop, showing me,

It is very hard to see!

What is it, just a ball?

No, a lovely tall macaw.

April 8

Evening Star

The sun went down

behind that tree,

all is dark and cool.

A speck in the sky,

pinhole of light,

A single star gleams.

April 9

The Egg

An egg in a chicken coup.

An egg in a carton.

An egg in a store.

An egg in a car.

An egg in a refrigerator.

An egg in my hand.

It flies up, tumbling over and over,

twisting towards the floor,

when I catch it in my hand,

and send it upwards again.

April 10

The Coffee Shop

A cool morning.

A crowded Starbucks.

Long lines.

The sound of whirring machines.

Names called,

Drinks drunk,

Warmth within everything.

April 11


Beginning with a chord,

or a single note,

the song begins.

It flows up and down the scale,

each note in perfect harmony with the next,

the tone and accents

providing look to the song.

April 12

One Line

Traced over the blank,

white page,

is a single pencil line,

so fine and straight,

it could be a hair.

This line could be:

the side of a building,

a tree’s trunk,

a road into the distance,

a ruler,

a tape measure,

a shelf,

the horizon

an arm,

a boat…

It could be anything until

I make it a snake.

April 13, 14, 15 16, and 17

Summer Day

Just as I awake,

cool fog and cool fog horns,

crying the musical tone G.

Fog lifts slowly,

and reveals a warm mid-morning

as a curtain reveals a stage

upon which anything can happen.

Slightly windy,

just a cool ocean breeze,

calling me there.

Leaping upon my bike,

I ride down to the beach.

And play volleyball,

skip stones,

and barbecue.

Laughs and shouts,

cries and screams,

as surfboards, bodyboards, and swimmers converge.

Sun’s high,

watching the water.

Low tide,

low waves.

soft music and new friends,

snack bar and sand bar.

Sand dollar for a real dollar,

live crab for a pinch.

Seven Up, Pepsi, Coke,

Lemonade, Root Beer, Soda.

Sand castles that house

Sand crabs in their walls,

as the water slowly erodes it.

The sun sets slowly,

tinting the sky a gorgeous color.

Swimmers huddle by the fire,

wrapped in towels.

Dark comes, and with it

the marine layer, the fog,

drapes over the land again,

so the actors can clear the stage and

prepare for the next scene.

April 18


Begins as a knot of

yarn, then

by the miraculous weaving dance

of the needles,

it becomes a sweater.

April 19

The Cat



Pounce on a grass-stalk.

now you see him,

then he disappears into the

decorative grasses.

April 22


Dull greys and blacks make up the entire of

the surface of the Earth.



a golden sphere moves over the

boldly lined horizon.

Everywhere where its light touches,

like an ethereal paintbrush,

becomes colorful,

and alive.

April 23

Rabbit [haiku]

Standing very still,

A brown rabbit stares at me,

and then he’s gone.

April 24

Summer Is Comming

Warm days,

warm nights,

sun setting at eight,

warm smell outdoors.

Easter has passed,

Migratory birds are back.

Soon we can have barbeques,

and beach runs,

water-park adventures and

slip and slide crashes.

All-day movie marathons,

all day computer marathons.

But now

we wait,

with warm weather

and sunscreened skin.

 April 25


A true tempist bears down on our town,

bringing rain and wind to rip up the trees,

and soon all are left with a long, long frown,

as the rain of bright weather does tease.

For threescore and twelve hours,

the rain came down in a rush,

but, in greenhouses, flowers.

Without the sun, trying to flush.

For three days rain came down, drops just huge and round,

pouring and pouring without any rest.

now those same clouds are heaped in such tall mounds

fading and moving swiftly to the west.

April 26


A dark blackness

coats the beyond.

No light passes through.

Fear wrenches through me,

until I am sobbing with

horror and regret.

I cannot move backwards

to place something behind me.

I cannot move forwards

to pass through this.

Complete atrocity begins to gnaw

at my very soul,

threatening to destroy me if I stay

any longer.

But then,

light shines from one direction.

the macabre darkness causes me

to fear the light for a moment,

until I see


The darkness shies away

from you.

Your light

that shines from your soul

fills me,

and I can feel myself becomming brave.

You take my hand,

and lead me to a safer place,

one full of silver and



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