National Poetry Writing Month

NaPoWriMo, as it is widely known, is the month of April devoted to the writing of a poem every day.

I post a poem as close to each day as is humanly possible, sometimes posting two or three days together. As I do so, each poem will appear on a special page under the “Poems” button above, which is a new archive for each year of poems, sorted by day.

Often I share poetry challenges in my posts. If you have any interest in joining the nationwide writing, leap right in and nab a prompt. Starting in 2013, I began keeping these prompts all together on each NaPoWriMo page. Maybe you’ll come up with something to be really proud of! Come to that, post in the comments and I’ll share it on a currently unformed page for everyone to view, with full recognition to the name you give the comment form!

Happy NaPoWriMo, and I hope you’re planning on joining me!

For more information on National Poem Writing Month, or to view some participating blogs, visit the website:



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