About the Author (Me)

Hello internets, I’m Aidyl, the ignorant, naive, ethnic girl who’s been keeping this blog semi-alive since 2010. My chief hobby is writing–prose and poetry alike–which I’ve been doing (with varying ranges of success) since childhood. Haiku, sonnet, free-form, slam, novel, short story, and found poetry are just some of my favorite genres.

Interests and therefore focuses of the posts are pretty eclectic: baking, knitting, fashion, writing (of course), linguistics (especially regarding Spanish), politics, marine biology, music, feminism (without the misandry) and many more. And the general pursuit of knowledge, equality, and truth.

In writing here, I mean nothing of offense and everything of opinion and enjoyment. These pages are an outlet, a way to protest as publicly as someone like me can. Do I have authority? I’ve lived, so I’d say perhaps; anyway, what’s authority?

So I suppose I’ll leave it at that. Nice to sort of meet  you.



5 thoughts on “About the Author (Me)

  1. I like chess and writing, too! I’m thinking about publishing a book when I’m finished with it. But I’ve never truly EVER finished a story before, but I hope this one I will…


  2. Congrat’s on starting a blog! I remember those first months when I started blogging, waiting for someone to leave a comment…just to let me know they’d actually read something I took the time to write…anyway, I really really appreciate your heart attitude and wanting to keep things “G” rated.. For the most part, I do too, althought the current post on my main blog does have a content warning because there is a swear word in it..I’ve met lots of really neat people during the time I’ve blogged..even met 4 of them in person…some have become some of my closest friends. When you write and share what’s really going on in your heart and people STILL come back, then you know you’ve found a friend. Sincerely,DM


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