Re: Orlando

Why does there gotta be

so much negativity

and hate

in this world?

They say that this is the land

of the free; well,

maybe it’s just me

but doesn’t that also imply

freedom from fear?

I understand that maybe

you want to exercise your gun rights,

but is it right

when your righteous struggle

to defend your own rights

makes it far too easy for people

to take away other peoples’ rights,

especially that other one, the



right to a little thing called life?

You know, part of those

certain unalienable rights brotherhood,

LIFE, liberty, AND pursuit of happiness? Yeah,

that’s the one.

Why in the world should we

as a country be known for our 173 shootings

in far fewer days of the year, be known for having

statistically the most gun violence in the world?

And why can’t we

just realize for once that this

is all a derivative

from our own messy history?

We don’t discourage

hatred of people who are different,

of women and lgbtq+++ people

and Muslims and Jews

and African Americans and Mexicans

and anyone who desn’t fit

in the straight cis white Christian male

category cultivated

by culture and media, especially

straight cis white Christian males

who are forcing themselves into a false construct.

We encourage this; societally,

even those who don’t fit this category

strive for it every way they can.

Why can’t we

remember to love?

Why does it gotta be

so hard to love? For the love

of life, please,

save us all by helping us learn

to love.


What do you think?

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