Suddenly–Lack of Time

That ^ title certainly describes the feeling of a summer break: you pace yourself because you know there’s still plenty of time left–until August comes, then the last two weeks and all of a sudden you’re left with thirty things that you’ve got to do and then people come and stay at your house and–


–you have negative days left.

Important note, before I go on: THIS IS NOT PROCRASTINATING. No, this is MANY UNFORESEEABLE THINGS FILLING UP THE TIME YOU WERE GOING TO DO OTHER THINGS IN. Nor is it poor time management. You really did plan out that time; it just…got filled up by other stuff. a whole two weeks, right? You would have had time. There was a plan.

And then the wild things appeared.

The lesson probably is that you should prepare for the unexpected. Murphy’s law, really; anything that can go wrong will. As if all the things that could go wrong are hanging around someplace with horns on their head, snickering evilly as they plot the best way to derail your delicate plans. But it’s awfully hard to predict random stuff like earthquakes and stock market crashes. (People are trying, but their predictions frequently are wrong themselves)

How are you supposed to defend yourself against all the things that could go wrong? A pointed stick?

Don’t think so.

There are many people who would gladly offer their own advice. Check out eHow or wikihow or one of the many motivational sites on this world wide web. You’ll probably also find many other instances of people venting about reality on their own blogs, too, just like me. ;D

Just…don’t worry about the odds of the apocalypse happening right now, will you?



What do you think?

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