NaPoWriMo 2014: Days 8, 9, 15, and 16

Terrible Beauty [Haiku]

Perfect sunny days

do menace with their beauty;

do I dare feel joy?

Bright Night


light up

the  night. I stand

in glorious velvet darkness, laughing

with the stars.

Finished Notebook

A filled notebook

is like a finished summer;

all filled,

full of memories, ideas,

experiences, stories,

but that luxurious freedom

of plus possibility

is gone, like a reigned-in tide,


to every extent. Gone

is the room

for expression, you think

not of the done, but the un-done,

undoing you

because you dwell on what you wish

that you’d done,

wish that could have been,

might have been, lamenting limitless

free imagination first perception

of everything

wonderful, fantastic, pioneer

in paper prairie; what wonders

will we behold? But no, we know

all wonders are charted

on every map;

discovery is gone,

leaving only memories….

Spring Relapse

Where’s spring gone? What’s happened

to the sun-frolic warm-air sweet-green-sugar temperatures, sweet

nectar of that cool-warm smell? Soft smell,

thick perfume that isn’t at all


that doesn’t make you sneeze

except if you’re allergic to it. If you are,


there’s nothing I can do

about that. What happened

to the spring peepers, the

clamor of birds and robins

ranging wild and free across the lawn? Where

are the rabbits and bugs

and bulbs? Where went those rains,

dewdrop cold sunshine and crisp life anew,


have those gone? When did it all

turn to bitter snow, race through summer

and fall

and slam back into winter? Did we backtrack?

Was all the spring a dream, all the warmth

a wish,

every sound a hallucination;

could we have been wanting spring so

that we should deceive ourselves

with its arrival? Where did all this

1.75 inches of snow come from? Icing

on the cake of winter’s cruelty. Winter,

are you a poor loser, can’t you

let the world go, can’t you tell

you’ve lost? Go home!

I don’t even know

what’s going on anymore,


it seems to be



Whew! What a lot of poetry! Lots of catching up…and we’re already halfway through April! Yikes! Quite interesting, though, how each of those poems range from a short haiku to a long, long free-verse poem (I didn’t arrange it that way, I swear!). The first haiku was written on a gorgeous spring day, when it must have been about 75 degrees outside. Of course, that was when I was walking through a cemetery, so it seemed a little malicious and deceptive. Perfection is a little scary–for example, the calm before the storm, days when the worst thing happens, deception, Venus fly traps, serial killers, creating a false sense of security…. That’s why it terrifies me when a trip is going smoothly; it means that something bad is going to happen.

Then you lose your ticket and everything is terrible.

Moving on to my last poem–which, obviously, is about the weather. Winter just. Won’t. End. There we were two days ago, with perfect, 70-degree weather and 50-degree nights, full of lovely springtime things, when–bam! It rains, the temperature plunges, and it snows almost two inches overnight. Now it’s 25 degrees outside, and the forecast doesn’t show it warming up too much for a while. It’s a pity, because with the warm, clear nights I was really looking forward to hauling out my telescope and seeing Mars at its brightest along with the lunar eclipse. But noooooooo, I didn’t take my telescope out the instant I could, the weather didn’t comply, and now it’s way too cold outside to even think of stargazing. (Have you even tried to maneuver a metal telescope when it’s freezing outside? I can tell you, it’s very, very cold.)

Back to NaPoWriMo, though. As a prompt, since I’m sure you’ve had enough writing about weather, I challenge you with a prompt from the NaPoWriMo website: Write a poem in which all lines are lies. Haiku, sonnet, lune, limerick, free-verse, prose–whatever form you wish, however long you want. The given recommendation is ten lines, but I’m sure if I did that I’d end up with longer. These lies could be about cake (Yes, I did. The cake is a lie!), anything edible, anything tangible, anything abstract, or anything at all that you can come up with. Have fun with it!



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