NaPoWriMo: Day 2


Why is writing notes

a crime

when taking notes

is encouraged? Isn’t


rude and mean? Aren’t

we taught

to not

be bullies?

Writing is so much more creative,

personal imagination,

more responsible

than relieving

a person of their hard-won notes.

You can learn from both;

they both have a meaning,

a context;

so whyever is taking

better than writing?

Ah, a play on words: what writers look for. This came completely out of the blue; I was thinking about how if you wrote poems in class, you would probably be blamed for writing notes…and then I noticed the single-word difference between taking notes and writing notes, and how the “bad” one is actually “better” than the other. Since it was NaPoWriMo, how could I pass up a chance for poetry?

Unfortunately, play-on-words-ses are scarce, and it’s hard to recommend a way to create a poem about one. There is a different prompt that I will offer, though: write about NaPoWriMo; rather, a situation where writing a poem would get you either¬†mal ojo (aka the evil eye) or in trouble. A conference? Walking down the street? While piloting a Boeing 747? How would you handle it? What would happen? What would you be writing on, and with what? There is an infinite amount of poems to write in this area, especially if you think of something absolutely ludicrous. While you run away from zombies, perhaps? Could be.

Write for your life!



What do you think?

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