Gray, Orange, Yellow, and Red: Fall With Rain

Drip, Slip

The gray

slipping through the leaves,

a backdrop of tea against colors so vivid

that you’d swear they’re burning

through the rain.

Deeper, brighter, stronger,

as the crystal falls and drips

and slips,

so slow,



from a swollen sky, bloated, gray,

and airbrushed in patches

of blue.

The earth too grows thick and swollen

and oozes, can’t take any more,

pooling in puddles of gray and streams

of paint running downhill.

The gray slips and falls and drips,

tears for yesterdays

and what have beens

as it cleans the slate

for tomorrows and will bes,

and the will bees

that buzz,

sedated, wondering why

they’re flying in the rain.

Well, fall is definitely here and there is rain falling through the bright leaves. It’s such an awesome effect; it makes the color so much brighter! This poem was written rather randomly–don’t you get those times where you’re waiting and you just write something on a piece of paper that you have lying about with you? I haven’t had one in a while.

Guess what’s coming? NaNoWriMo, baby! Time for my fellow writers to bust up as they attempt to write 50,000 words in thirty days, a staggering task for any mortal. That’s 1,666 words a day, if you’d rather not do the math, and all you writers out there know what that much in a novel is easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Mmmm-hmmm, yeah, try that every single day. For thirty days. Through Thanksgiving, and work days, and those days where you just feel like banging your head on the keyboard in agitation.

Guess what’s also here! Cider! And cider donuts! One of mankind’s greatest inventions! Yup, fall is nothing without cold cider, pumpkins, pie, leaves, corn, and Starbucks. And every single party store that you pass telling you to BUY YOUR COSTUME NOW AND SAVE SOME BIG MONEY THAT REALLY ISN’T THAT MUCH IT’S ONLY 10% BUT WHO CARES IT HAS THE WORD SAVE IN IT! More or less the representation of many store windows around the holidays. I love deals. 5% isn’t anything to bust a gut over. 10% is neat. 20% is pretty good. 30% is worth checking out. 40% is great, but watch the wallet buddy. 50% is something to get out and check out. 60% is time to slow down the bus and take a role call. 70% is stop-the-train what have we here time. 80% is jump overboard let’s get happy. 90% is oh sweetness they’re either insane or going out of stock. 100% is how far off topic I’ve gone (plus the point where you’re surprised but numb to all joys) by now.

It’s a good thing that orange, yellow, and red look knock-out gorgeous with gray because too many fall days are cloudy. Especially with whatever mild storm just fluttered by. It sure did leave some incredible clouds clinging to the mountains across the valley. Fall is just a STUNNING season, especially when you get to ignore the wooly bear caterpillars’ Halloween coloration because the nonexistent black band is starting to freak you out. I know, I’m in for a really cold winter. But it’s not winter yet! It’s fall, which means there’s still time to get outside, find a moss-covered rock, and get down to writing more poetry–or the plot for my NaNoWriMoNovel.



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