Gluten-Free, Citrus, Delicious…This Takes the Cake!

I’m back, after a busy Mother’s Day and a hectic last week.

In fact, last week, having found it necessary to bake a gluten-free cake, I made this Gluten-Free Citrus and Olive Oil Cake from the Baking Now, most of the gluten-free cakes I’ve made have ended up flat and dry, due to a depressing lack of apparent deliciousness in the recipe.

But this one…

…it was delicious! Even if you’re not going on a gluten-free diet, this cake is superb. The olive oil makes no impact on the flavor, in case you were wondering; it only makes it as moist as such fluffiness can be without being raw. Granted, it takes a little more time than a rational person would think to spend for dessert (Unless you’re crazy, two hours is not too long for dessert. Jello takes four), but it is worth it for the feathery light moistness of citrus-y heaven. Heaven. And with white chocolate ganache drizzled down the sides, how can you go wrong? (If you don’t like citrus fruit or white chocolate or are allergic to one or both. If you are, I’m sorry)

Okay, that’s enough ranting about yummy cakes for now. You’ll have to take my word for it as you prepare to shove it in the oven.


Ps: Longer posts may or may not be coming soon, depending on my time. This summer looks to be a busy one.


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