NaPoWriMo 2013: Day 23

Birdsong Ritual

I hear the birds singing gaily

as they flit and they fly about.

I hear the birds. Singing gaily

dawn to dusk, melodies sailing.

I hear the birds singing. Gaily

praising the day. So many that

I hear! The birds singing gaily.

as they flit and they fly about.

 The poem I wrote above is a triolet, composed of eight lines with eight-syllables each. As you can see, a few of the lines are the same; namely the first, third, fifth, and seventh, then it’s the second and last. The rhyme scheme is very tight, too. I’ll show it:








The bold capital letters are the lines that are alike, and the lowercase letters show which lines rhyme with which. Very interesting, eh? Why don’t you give it a shot? If you think you’ll be confused, copy the rhyme scheme above onto your page and fill in the lines. You might find it easy to copy the similar lines before you start so you know where you have to put what new lines. (I didn’t end up doing that, but I wish I had)

There’s one week left to NaPoWriMo!



What do you think?

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