NaPoWriMo: Day 22

Honestly Fortune Cookies

I think you should make

a living wrapping fortunes in cookies.

The kind that

everyone likes to eat.

The kind that tells you that

“You will soon be generously rewarded

for your honesty,”

and that give you lucky numbers

7, 25, and 88,

which make gamblers and lottery players

go out and spend monstrous monies

without realizing that

their honesty

is a thing spoken of

only in the most obscure scripts

and fables.

You should make

fortune cookies,

but not

the kind that creep you out with

phrases like “I see you.”

and “I love you.”

You should make the kind of fortune cookies

that are beautiful and poetic,

the ones that

are of such quiet musings

about your admiration or

frank statements about the world

like “Dew turns plants green”

that people don’t understand

but assume have some deep meaning

and pretend to understand.

And you alone will know

how deep

the fortune cookies are

with their simple honesty

that rewards you with

a kiss of sugar.


What do you think?

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