NaPoWriMo 2013: Days 17 and 18

Swallow Haiku

Small swirling swallow

roller-coaster riding the

fragrant springtime wind.

I would be nauseous

if I rode the sky coaster

like the swallows do.


Araña spinning webs

that are dew-coated with night:

She has caught the moon.

Yesterday, April 17th, was National Haiku Day. And naturally, since haiku are my favorite metered poems to write, I just had to take up the opportunity for haiku. Sadly, it was not the most I’ve written in one day, but it was some to be proud of. What’s to be proud of about a haiku?

Seventeen syllables.

Simple moments.

Any language.

Any words.

Simple haiku.

Powerful haiku.

 That sounds almost like a poem in itself, or maybe a recipe for a poem…hey, I like that. “A recipe for a poem.” Maybe like this one…?

How to Cook a Haiku

Bring the following ingredients

to room temperature

before cooking:

a moment,

a simple observation,

a pack of every word that you know in all languages

preferably pre-coated with calmness,

and a seventeen-syllable mold.

Select words that suit the observation

and compliment the moment, as many

as will fit the mold

without cramping.

Stir vigorously until the words

are where you want them.

Let cook on a 360 degree


for ten to fifteen minutes,

stirring occasionally.

The haiku will be very delicate

but very powerful in image.


more than six billion people.

That’s fun. 🙂



What do you think?

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