NaPoWriMo: Days 9 and 10

A live sand dollar. Click for the site I found it on

Sand Roomba

Purple sand dollar,

 your fuzzy squishy purpleness

is like some cartoon creation.

You creep like a starfish with your tiny tube feet

over my hand, scouring my skin

with your churning mouth.

In the sand where I release you

you begin to whirl in sluggish circles

as you suck up sand and food

for all the world you were a

fluffy sand Roomba.

Touching your cushiny skin,

it’s hard to imagine your

bleached white shell*,

hard, firm,

underneath your

squish surface,

even though on your violet back

is that same star shape.

And white bleached shell*,

it’s hard to look at you

and remember

that fuzzy purple life

around this barren bone

without taking a moment

to honor what was.

 Once when I was a kid, my family went on vacation to Pismo Beach. It’s home to a few invertebrates, most famously the Pismo oyster. But, as I found, it was also the home to many, many sand dollars! It was pretty hard to find a whole shell*, but by the end of our trip I had three. Even better, we found a real sand dollar. It looked pretty much like the picture. (Psst! See it moving in time-lapse here!) Oh, and by the way, when I said shell? *Sand dollars don’t have shells! Shells are, in short, on the outside of an animal, while a test, which is what a sand dollar has, is on the inside. They’re like shells with the role of a skeleton.

And now for day ten:

Love/Unlove Poem

You’re always there for me.

You’re always there.

You’re always there.

Why can’t you stop

stalking me?

I don’t even

like you

that way! Do you

know the meaning of

personal space?

You’re not even special to me

as a friend, so

will you leave me alone,

find someone else,

because you’re




and adorable!

You need to get

your ears cleaned out

of your rotten brain because I never said

you were adorable.


maybe I did.

It depends.

Are you available

this weekend?



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