NaPoWriMo: Days 6 and 7

Sifted Beauty

Sifted beauty

to exude and separate the


part of spring, leaving the

liquid awesome raw spring

to pour over your senses


Dirt beneath your fingers,

heat of the sun upon you,

sticks beneath you,

bugs around you,

everything is beautiful

because if it wasn’t

it wouldn’t be there since

it is sifted beauty.


Marine Layer Morning

Blue light from outside.

Then, gradual change in light

to bright grey and white.

 Swift apology for not posting for the last few days. I have been NaPoWriMo-ing, but been convinced that I’ve had to write full posts for each, which I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do. Well. To do away with that postponition (Is that a word? If not, it should be), I’ve decided to post just the poems every day, prompts on the theme of the poem every few days, and when the urge strikes me, I will launch into a fevered explanation of my creative process.

Until tomorrow!



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