NaPoWriMo: Day 4

Tinted With Nighttime

Serene soft silky

satin whisper-walkers

dreary drifting above

candy-colored world

tinted with nighttime and dew

like baby spiders on breezes

with tiny white parachutes.

Thinking there is music

but you can’t quite make out the tune;

if you focus on it

it flees like a

shy draiad.

This poem started almost randomly, with a few words that sounded good together in the right order: “Serene satin silky whisper-walkers”. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? Sounds like something you can do, wouldn’t you think? Oh, I’m certain you can make something up like that. Just take an idea of a time, place, or image and grab a few words that fit that place.

(And sorry for missing yesterday and the day before. Life got away from me)



What do you think?

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