Snowy Swimming: Yes, I Mean In the Snow

X’s and O’s

Delicate wetness,

soft kisses brushing your cheek in greeting

from the clouds above

since Valentine’s day

is right around the corner;

falling in tiny x’s

and o’s.

They accumulate upon the dry brown

ground and hide

the tired grass with

clean whiteness, a shade

purer than anything else could ever be,

the color of its mother, the clouds,

like when they’re seen from above.

Pure soft and thick,

like the world’s heaviest fluffiest down comforter

in the entire world,

soft  and wet.

Looking out the window,

it looks like someone

spilled a gigantic bag of clumpy granulated sugar

all over the countryside.

But it’s all dirty from the floor,

so don’t

eat it.


I had an interesting thought the other day, thinking about the massive snow drifts that I’ve heard about on the East Coast. Snow is water, right? Then shouldn’t you be able to swim through it? I wanted to try that, but I think that even if I could I’d probably sink right into the bottom of the six feet and drown. Yes, I’d probably drown. I told you that snow is water, didn’t I?

Theoretically, though, swimming through snow should be possible. When you swim, you push against the water so you can move forward. When you push, the water “pushes” back at your hand and you move (think of driving at a high speed. Your car is pushing the air, but the air is also pushing back. Every force has another equally strong force opposing it, according to physics) Water molecules are very loosely connected. Snow, though, is much bigger, and is makes a stronger substance. Wouldn’t that give more force?

NOPE, not by a long shot. While pushing snow would get you to move, there is the fact that snow is soft. With a small surface area, you’d just end up shoveling the snow around. Plus, snow gives more resistance than water does as well as more friction. Even if you did manage to get a move on, you wouldn’t sustain it for long.

So swimming through the fallen snow? Impossible. Or rather, improbable. Maybe with body-boarding flippers you could do it. Or maybe you can do it anyway. I don’t know. I can’t try this out. However, my readers on the East Coast can. So if you want, if you can, bundle up, grab a buddy who has a shovel, and launch yourself into a drift. If you get stuck your buddy can shovel you out. Post a comment that shares your results.

If you also have evidence as to why or why not this would or would not work, swimming through snow, share that too. I’m open for comments. 🙂




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