Rainbows, Rain, and Mas Espanol (More Spanish)

Mujer Mejor

No estoy perfecta, (I am not perfect)

pero mi amor: (but my love)

lo me construye mejor, (It builds me better)

mejor que antes. (better than before)

Antes hoy (Before today)

estoy (I am)

en mi personalidad (in my personality)

fea, no feliz, (ugly, not happy)

cruel a todo circademe. (cruel to all around me)

Pero hoy, (but today)

contigo, (with you)

con el amor tuyo (with the love of yours)

que te dame (that you give me)

estoy hoy (I am today)

una mujer mejor, (a better woman)

una mujer con pasion (a woman with passion)

una mujer con razon (a woman with reason)

estar vivando, (to be living)

todo porque (all because)

te andas en mi corazon (you walk into my heart)

y te abrazas la buena y la mala (and you embrace the good and the bad)

juntos. (together)

Playing with a few Spanish words, I came up with this little poem. It went from no estoy perfecta to talking about how “I” was a horrible person but now I’m better because of you. Isn’t that nice of me to say?

Why yes, I think it is. Thank you.

You’re welcome–wait, what?

Never mind.

Sorry that I skipped last week, and since it was Christmas Eve I’m sure you all expected me to talk about something snowy or Christmasy or something of the like and were extremely surprised to see that I didn’t. I was feeling a little under the weather (which is a slight play on words, since it was rainy here on Christmas Eve)

Due to the usual amount of precipitation around where I live, the clouds have been forming some gor-geous colors and patterns in the sky. The most interesting thing, I find, is that on the north side of my house when there are many puddles and the sun is behind some clouds the puddles reflect my yard. They also reflect the blueness. After it rains the water turns everything blue, even the reds. Everything gets that cobalt or germainium blue that…well, doesn’t look out of place after a rain storm, to tell the truth.

One afternoon after a particularly heavy shower there was a blazing rainbow that lasted for at least twenty minutes. I’m not exaggerating here! And when I say ‘blazing’, I mean it was so intense that it could have cast shadows…almost. Seeing the colors reflected in the puddles on the aforementioned northern side of my house was dazzling. Seeing the rainbow ‘end’ in my house was even more dazzling!

I took a walk during that rainbow because it was so beautiful. When I came to the edge of the river near where I live I had an unobstructed view of the clouds and the last vestiges of the rainbow. Sunset had turned every color, even the blues and greens, into reds and magentas! It was like a tiny sunset on the east side. The rainbow arced out of gray and purple clouds like ugly (but in this case very pretty) bruises. Towards the ocean I could see the hazy downward strokes of rain as it fell on the shore. Behind me, towards the real sunset, was sherbet-colored light on blue clouds. To the north clouds gathered and bunched up as they passed over the mountains like a ton of sheep trying to jump over the same fence post at the same time. The little park nearby was filled with blues and darkened greens.

Rainshowers darken every color. When the light hits the soaked leaves and grass it creates a beautiful gold-green-blue color. I really do suggest taking a walk after every shower to somewhere near a body of water where you have a clear view of the sky. You’ll wish you had twelve of every sense so you could catch the complexity of every detail and even the smells…smells! You can catch car fumes, rain, grass, soil, water, flowers, fresh air, lightning, solitude, and so many more different scents. Compared to the cream-colored and dull indoor air, after-rain scent-amplified air is like a noisy, gaudy silk blanket next to burlap. It should be a perfume. I’d buy it.

I hope you had a delightful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. 😀

Oh, and the rainbow unicorns send their love, too.



2 thoughts on “Rainbows, Rain, and Mas Espanol (More Spanish)

  1. In Hartland, Michigan (SE Michigan) it is snowing lightly but earlier it was really coming down making it hard to see to drive. It is about 33 degrees. A rainbow would be really cool! I have never seen one in the winter where I live!


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