So Much Randmoness That You Will Rainbow Unicorns That Eat Cirrus Clouds

I’ve recently realized that the reason that I’m always procrastinating with my posts is because I try to think too carefully about what I’m saying to everybody.

Well, that issue is also what bogs down many National Novel Writing Month participants: they try to think too much about what they’re writing and not about the big idea (and even I suffer on that one, so don’t worry if you’re a repeating offender, fellow NaNoWriMos)

Once I finished my thought process on that, I decided to just write my posts with a free reign. One inspiring idea will now lead to a ridiculous but interesting post that you, my audience, will hopefully enjoy. Some of you came for the silliness, others came for poetry, but whichever you came for, thank you for doing so!

Anyway, you may find in future posts that there will be more delicious cupcakes popping in every now and again with luscious and pink half-melted frosting mounds (and sprinkles!) all over them (maybe, but not just cupcakes but also turtles with their shells painted to look like the aforementioned cupcakes) along with the main idea.

 Using the largest heading possible, PROGRESS TO THE NEXT TOPIC

(Insert a rainbow with winged unicorns eating cirrus clouds and excreting all the joy and happiness and color in the world YIPEEE!)

I like description. It adds the emphasis I want if I want it and doesn’t add it if I don’t want it at all which I know makes this a very long run-on sentence but it’s over now so don’t worry PERIOD. I also like the use of punctuation and conjunctions to make…wait for it…this: the exact tone and atmosphere that I wanted, the tone that sounds just how I would say it.  And that’s a reason I love reading, doing, and hearing slam poetry! So much emotion is poured into the words as the slam poet reads, so much more than could ever be achieved by simply publishing a poem in a book.

However, I do recognize the beauty of book-poems. There are possibilities for shaped poems, such as a snowman-shaped snowman poem, or other interesting shapes or ideas that only scripture can detail. Reading said snowman-shaped snowman poem will remove the charm of its being snowman-shaped, which is entirely the reason that you wrote it, right?

THAT SAID a slam poem, if written and published, looses the same amount of beauty in its entire essence as the snowman poem. The same thing goes for, say, a cartoon, be it a TV cartoon or a newspaper cartoon. Try ‘telling’ somebody a cartoon. “Well,” you might say, “That’s completely blasphemous! You can’t tell a cartoon!” Ex. Act. Ly. Each medium of conveying an idea must be left to its own media or it will lose much of its fun/awesomeness/education/vigor/WHAT MAKES IT BE WHAT IT IS, and that’s the conclusion of this little rant.


What was the original topic?

Oh, yeah.

Thanks for reminding me.

So, in the end of this very, very, very times infinity plus one which is still infinity random post, I give you my conclusion in a not-really word: I am going to try to post more frequently, and if you have any problem with randomness you should really duck and cover and prepare to make a stand. My posting day is going to be moved to Monday until further notice because Friday is just…not working out for me with my current schedule.

Happy Monday, and I’ll see you next rainbow unicorns cupcakes with pretty sprinkles on top!

–Aidyl 😀


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