Palabras De Mi Corazon (Words From My Heart) (In Spanish)


I apologize for all the weeks I’ve missed.

My schedule has been havoc and I have not have time to find inspiration, which is a weird statement, I know.


I’m here again, full of silly, so watch your inboxes, you subscribers, because it’s going to be pre-tty ridiculous.

So to begin with a poem, which is now impossible since that would imply BEGINNING and not NEAR the start of this post, here’s a short poem in Spanish, translated roughly into English:

Corazon (Heart)

Quiero ti (I want you)

tomar mi (to take my)

corazon, y (heart, and)

Quiero ti (I want you)

dar mi (to give me)

tu corazon. (your heart)

Pero por qué veo (But why do I see)

tu salir con una mujer fea, (you go out with an ugly woman)

y ¿cómo puedes (and how can you)

tu salir mi vida, (you leave my life,)

salir mi vida? (leave my life?)

Ella es fea, (She is ugly,)

y estoy hermosa, yo sé, (and I’m beautiful, I know,)

pero por algún razón (but for some reason)

prefieres ella a mi. (you prefer her to me)

Y ¿como puedes romper (And how can you break)

mi corazón? (my heart?)

This was written to be a little song, so sing it softly out loud in whatever tune fits the word. If you can speak a little Spanish, you might know these relatively simple words, but anyway you can enjoy the poetry of these words…which is why it’s poetry! For those who know it a little better than I do, I apologize for any horrible Spanish I’ve written and I hope you leave a comment to correct me.Meanwhile, those of you who have no idea of how to speak Spanish, just use Google Translate to figure out what it sounds like. It’s not the best, but you can get the jist of how it’s supposed to sound.

I spoke about Spanish and Poetry before. It’s a very interesting thing to think about…you have to open your mind to the idea that words aren’t…well, direct translations. If you try to translate idioms and such from one language to another, you’re not going to get much that makes sense.

As I’m short on time, that’s all for now. But in about a week, I’ll continue to expand on this subject. It’s really very cool!

See you “soon”!



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