Fog: A Poem and Post

Wisps That Are Alive

Low ceiling wispy cloud-fog,

like a blanket draped over the world.

You can touch it with your mind,

feel that staticy grey-silvery bluething,

but physically your puppeteered hand

passes through the

unbound molecules

of its heart.

A creature, alive,

but not constrained to any shape.

Senses of the mind and spirit,

parts vanishing and conjoining willy-nilly,

on an insane rhythm that sounds like a din to but the most carefully trained ear.

And that creature has a form of the mind,

thus a shape that exists

even though it’s not in this dimension;

perhaps the seventh.

But you cannot touch it with your hand

because only the mind of it holds the molecules together

so they scatter and fly, not the real creature but

the inanimate physical one,

so that it clings to your


I think that fog definitely falls on my list of favorite things. If I ever was to move away from the ocean, it would be the thing I missed the most. I love  the ocean and all things associated with it. Probably fog the most, if you were to enumerate them all. But yes, fog has a high value in my heart; how’d you guess?

During my recent vacation in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw plenty of fog. I saw it spilling down from hills in Mill Valley like a waterfall, dominating the  Bay and adding a new level of water, and rising off the sea. This thing wafts around and even through you, infusing your mind with itself because it’s not part of this dimension. It does not follow the physical rules. It goes through something even when its molecules are separated and stays one even if it breaks and burns away.

Fog is also a beautiful part of my summers. I may have talked about this before in times long past, but it is. The fog rises from the ocean around dusk and drapes itself over the entire valley five miles inland like a massive down comforter. The moon turns the tops into a blue-silver ocean; just imagine! A fluffy blanket of clouds wisping beneath you. The moonlight falling past you like rain, and an unobscured view of the crystalline stars high above you, 360 degrees around…

Just think about that for a minute. See you next week! 🙂



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