Summer Has Definitely Arrived

Dawn Valley Rolling


sleepy sunrise,

silver moonspun misty tendrils

wafting over the hills.

Soft tone gentle “g”,

foghorn over the water,

echoing in the soft fog,

loosing itself, disembodied,

and coming from the fog itself.

The sun rolls over the hill to the east,

color spilling from the western side of the bowl-like valley,

rushing like a tidal wave of Technicolor or paint.

Suddenly gold sunshine on all things,

my room still in the cool spectrum,

streaming and reflecting off the fog that lingers,

the horn still calling, softly.

Fresh clean air,

combination of moonshine fog and sunspun light,

distributed by my fan.

By the very essence of this smell like thought, tender love,

I smell heat drenched by fog,

air still and heavy,

Birdsong sweet within like candy.

‘Twill be a warm day.

I live in a valley the shape of cupped hands, the sea out toward the fingers. The thing that tells me that summer is here is that, that fog that is burned off and filled with the tone of the foghorn, which is a sleepy, meditative sound. That brilliant light and the cool fog, along with the heavy and warm, moist smell of the air tell me that the day’s going to be hot and summery. If you tell me that living near the ocean means it’s never above 75 degrees, I’ll laugh softly and turn away with a smile, because it can be hot. Yesterday it breached 81. Today it will be again. The fact that it’s going to get cooler doesn’t change a thing, it still was hot.

This year is hot for many places, meaning summer has been hot, humid or dry, and even without power. The heat has reached me here on the Western coast of America, just a walk from the beach.

But that’s not all summer means, especially to me. It means my windows can be open at night, letting that sweet perfume of dew-soaked plants and shade come in. It means that sunrise comes early and makes the whole world glitter like jewels. It means that the night comes late after a long day and you can stare at the stars with or without a telescope. It means that finally it’s beginning to get warm enough to go to the beach and not freeze.

It also means my birthday. My birthday is in early July, so whenever I remember it’s coming I remember that summer is too. There will, of course, never be any of my birthdays that isn’t in the summer, even if I go south of the equator and it be winter, because it’ll still be July, and still be summer-ish-kind of.

So I apologize for all these skipped and missed posts, but summer has totally caught me up in its wings and swept me up and far away from the ground. I’m sure you’ve been caught too. If you have, then hopefully we’ll meet each other on our unintended lift…

Happy…Friday, I suppose. 🙂



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