Worship Water: The Mystical Energies of Water

Apologies for the late post…and the missed posts. I had trouble coming up with something, then I went on vacation without a computer…overall, sorry, and I really want to get back into regular posts!

I’m here writing about water. “Well, what about water?” you ask, “Water’s just water…what’s so cool about it?”

Well, the cool thing about water is that it makes up more than half of your body. It covers two-thirds of our planet. Every living thing needs it in one form or another to survive, at least on this planet. You use it in thousands of different ways, from drinking to cleaning to technology to comfort to recreation. (Wow, quite a lot) Wherever humans can get water to, we can live, even if a drop of water costs a nickel each. For this nourishment, water has come to mean that, nourishment, healing, revitalizing, rest, femininity.

But water does more than maintain your body; it maintains your spirit and soul. I personally can’t really go far from a truly large body of water without feeling stranded or beached because I’ve with the ocean just behind houses for my whole life. Touch it and open your third eye and you feel re-energized. Touch it in incredible heat and you feel refreshed.

And when you’re totally immersed in water…well, that’s different too. It’s like silk or silence, closing around your body and supporting you as you cut through it like…like…like Michael Phelps through water! The way it muffles sound, too, in that gorgeous blue-clear silk, even in the most crowded of pools, adds to the experience. For both of those reasons swimming around in a swimming pool with a snorkel is fun for me.

This, compared with my other posts, is extremely short. However, it exists! 🙂

Happy Saturday!



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