Gemstone Magic: Does It Work Or Not?

People have been using precious and semi-precious gems to aid their health, luck, relationships, concentration, and a whole many more for hundreds of years, and still use them today. What’s the reason behind this, and why might it work?

I’m fascinated with gemstones myself, both in their scientific properties and their metaphysical properties. I have several books on the subject, and I’m actually wearing a couple of my ‘magic’ stones right now. You may think, “oh, that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, MAGIC gemstones that can do stuff”, but in my opinion, it actually works. No, if you have a money-bringing stone, it won’t cause three hundred dollars in cash won’t appear in your hand, but, rather, act as a magnet, something that increases the probability of that three hundred dollars coming your way. You can drowse with stones too, or scry to see the future or get the best advice, such as what you should do to get the three hundred dollars or how soon you might get it.

First off in gemstone magic, you’ve got the gems themselves, and definitely the most obvious part. What may not be so obvious is that each stone actually vibrates on an atomic scale, so they literally can have ‘good vibes’ or ‘bad vibes’! A good example of this is the Herkimer diamond, which is actually a type of quartz. The ‘diamond’ vibrates on an extremely regular interval, so regular in fact, that they are used in some high-quality watches to ensure they will never lose a second in under a thousand years (I have no idea how they test this, do you?). Other stones don’t have so regular or strong of impulses,  but they do still have the same kind of vibration that enhances or alters your mood, though few people know why.

Secondly, your psychic mind plays a key role, too. By using your ‘receptive’ hand (The opposite of your dominant hand) and staying open to psychic impulses, you can ‘feel’ in the palm of your hand where a stone is. This, I am fairly certain, is the vibration or energy of the stone, which is hard to notice unless you’re paying attention. Your psychic mind is also important in understanding the stone’s uses and receiving advice when you drowse or scry.

Now, these two things are the basis for the ‘magic’, using quotations if you so desire, omitting them if it’s appropriate. The vibrations or energy of the crystals effects yours, your ‘aura’, call it what you will. Different gemstones have different vibrations, some relaxing like a blue agate, amethyst, or kunzite, others energizing and uplifting, like quartz, sunstone, or ruby. The color alone can make an impression on you, but it generally comes down to the composition and type of stone you hold in your hand.

If I’ve done my job right, you’re pretty interested in this area by now. But hold your horses and don’t dig up your amethyst to throw it in your pocket and hope  that it instantly will guard you from emotional outbursts as the book says or I insist upon; your stone has to be cleansed, first, as per tradition. Leave it in full sunlight until it feels like it’s vibrating ‘good vibes’ in your receptive hand (avoid this for opals, kunzite, topaz, and other sun-sensitive gems; look up their sun-sensitivity if you’re not sure about it) or in the moonlight, preferably during the full moon, especially for ‘relaxing’ stones and clear crystals. Leave them in running water overnight, bury them in earth for a week, or let them sit in spring water that you exchange each day for fresh water.  Once the stone seems ‘happy’ and is emitting those ‘good vibes’, your stone may be used for whatever purpose you’ve determined it will serve.

There is so much more to this practice than I can tell you in one post, but if you seriously want to start trying this out, there’s one book out there that I suggest The Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham.  If you don’t agree with him, find another concept that you do agree with, or try what you think is the best way. Magic is done by intuition, so if you go against that, any effect you’re ready for won’t be as strong.

It’s an interesting area, even if you don’t believe it works.



What do you think?

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