Coastal Summer

Summer! Everyone loves summer, and I do too. The heat? Nah, not really a problem.

Most people have a hot summer, full of humidity and short-sleeved shirts. But I actually live a five-minute bike ride from the beach, so hot weather is almost never around town. In short, my summer is extremely different from the stereotypical summer…unless you live by the beach.

Of course, the summers vary each year. One year, fog laid over the valley each summer morning; another, and it was unusually hot. Despite these variations, though, the warm season is generally around 75 degrees each day with blue, blue sky.

Summer sounds are also part of the composite for every summer. Most places have cicadas and such, but I have never heard them around here. Instead, I hear katydids on warm nights, crickets in every swath of anything, the occasional bullfrog, and coyotes in the river. By day, I’m attacked by the sounds of crows, house sparrows, Lesser Goldfinches, and some house wrens, but the real summer birds are the mockingbirds, kestrels, and red-tailed hawks. The mixed jumble of a mockingbird, like several calls all cut up and pasted into one, is really only heard on the warm days.

And of course, the fantastic weather means outdoors for everyone!!!! Well, yeah. Since I live so close to the beach, on the warmer days I usually pack up for the beach, hang out, and sometimes heat up a bonfire before dragging my stuff back home. Hiking is definitely an option too, when the sounds of native birds and smells of native plants tend to be the only things effecting the air. If exercise doesn’t seem to be what I want, I hang out in the backyard with our fire pit, or just be outdoors.

This may be a short post in relation to the average, but I’m still trying to get back into the groove of regular posts after my poem-posts in April. There will be longer ones, just as soon as I start thinking about posting all week long! 🙂



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