Poetry Contest Update

*The Contest is Closed*

If you’re planning on entering the contest or have entered, this is important update info!

The contest is in full swing, but there are now a few new updates! The updates are as follows:

1. If you enter the contest, your entry is “counted”. In other words, I’ll display how many people enter the contest on my blog, but not the poem or the alias of the contestant.

2. After I judge and announce the winner, I’ll share the entries for which the contestant has approved publicity! You, my readers, will vote for your favorites via the comments! The winner of that contest will be awarded “Readers’ Favorite” and receive a specially made, print-out certificate by email, and WITH PERMISSION receive the honor of being posted with the chosen winner.

3. There must be AT LEAST three entries in the contest or there will be no winner and the contest will be void! If you think it would be fun, just enter, because a) the more the merrier, and b) you might win. And if you don’t win my selected prize, you might be the “Readers’ Favorite”. Don’t be shy!

As of the time I post this, there are no current entries in the contest. I SWEAR that I’ll NEVER share your poem or your email with anyone else, even if you say so. I will  ONLY use your email to send you a notification of your success and to request your address, which I ONLY use to send you the prize!

Enter and have fun!



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