The End of National Poetry and Writing Month: Poetry Contest!

*The Contest is Closed*

April is over and NPWM is gone for another year. But WE are not done celebrating poetry yet! Nope, not by a long shot.

As you saw by the title, I’m ending NPWM with a poem contest! Unlike last year, this contest will have a prompt, and that is “My World”. Well, that’s more like a subject for your poem, but remember all the poetry challenges? Those have all been saved up for today. Using what you’ve written in this past month from those challenges–or simply one challenge–you’re going to compose a big poem about the way you see your world. You can also write your own poem without prompts, but it has to be about what you notice and enjoy about your world. Now, before you get into starting, here are the rules:

1) The contest begins today (May 2, 2012) and continues for two weeks week (May 18, 2012), at 12:00 PM Central (daylight saving times included). You must enter your poem before the deadline, or your poem will be disqualified (OH NO).

2) Please make some sort of attempt to keep your poem pretty short: under 400 words would be nice, 450 if you’re absolutely desperate and can’t cut down. It will take a loooong time for me to read and judge a ton of loooooooooooong poems!

3) Your poem can be about anything you like about your life, but keep your subject of G rating, or, yes, you will actually be disqualified. Why? If you win, I’ll post your poem on my blog (with your permission, of course, and totally credited to you), and if it’s not G rated, my blog isn’t, and I don’t want to offend my readers, ESPECIALLY if they care about the rating.

4) Your poem MUST be your own, written by you, and no one else, or you will be disqualified. Keep in mind that it’s against the law to copy anyone else’s work, plus it’s mean. I want to see YOUR creativity, not somebody else’s! You actually might be the winner who I want to see!

5) I will judge the poems on the 18th, and I’ll reveal the winner on the following day. If you win, I’ll send you an email confirming your win and requesting your address to send you the prize! The winner will win a book called “A Poem A Day: 365 Poems” by Karen McCosker, and obtain the honor of getting their poem posted on my blog and recorded in the archives under their pen name, with their permission, of course. The email will confirm all this and make sure the name you submitted the poem under is the one you want it posted under.

5) If you decide you don’t want to be in the contest anymore, fill in the poem body space with: RESIGN, and I will remove your poem from my list of possibilities. Don’t forget to add your name so I know which poem not to judge!

Got them rules down? Right. If you have ANY questions, please just comment on this post. Here’s your entry form:

Entries: 0, none.

Ready? On your page, get set, WRITE!



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