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The year has brought us here to the end of National Poetry and Writing Month. I’ve been way more productive than last year, gotten more likes and subscribers than ever before, and more feedback, although I didn’t get nearly enough views. But hey, most of those viewers last year really didn’t read, like, or subscribe like you awesome readers did. So here we are, finishing up, and I’m saying thanks for all yours support! You’ve made writing all these poems rewarding, fun, and not at all a chore.


1. Oh poem…

not deity, nor god, nor fairy…

grant me your presence.

Oh that you would fill me with your energy,

would instill me with your power,

so that I might be thus a tool,

possessed by your spirit,

an envelope, used,

to transcribe a poem’s (or idea’s)

existence, life, moment;

that I may be overwhelmed,

left exhausted by your use,

but with a poem like a dewdrop.

2. Oh spirit, release my simple body that it might rest,

to spend a night un-haunted by unborn poems,

Yet please, still remain, ghostlike,

waiting for control periodically.

But I beg you: grant my gentle sleep to-night.

Please, so the same for most nights.

3. Here I lie, exhausted,

spent by the poem-spirit’s desires.

Yet I know it is still present in this room,

hovering, awaiting the moment when it can regain control.

And still, before it does, I must prepare my subconscious,

tap into the stuff of poems and dreams,

to prepare my soul and mind

for the spirit.

Some writers say that poems come like waves, rushing through them and roaring in their mind. If the poem isn’t written down as it comes, washing like water, word by word, it dribbles away and can’t be pulled back once it’s gone. For this reason, many poets carry notebooks and pens so that they don’t loose the poem. I feel this as more a possession, that the poem is taking me over, shaking my soul to the roots, pouring its very idea into my mind that it will be translated into words. This gives me a sort of ‘panic attack’ where every word of the poem I think of is just right, but I can’t write it down. These happen in the shower, in the car, doing work…I have to search everywhere for somewhere to write it down, but by then it’s almost gone. I’d say it was almost a spirit, a deity, injecting its presence into the poets it knows can hold the poem that they are about to give.

Do I have a challenge today? YesI want you to carry some paper and a pencil with you, every day. Write down phrases that sound cool. These are dribbling in from your ‘poem-side’, your subconscious. They are pieces of poems that aren’t poems, exactly, but they’re good. To put it in a metaphysical point of view, these ‘snippets’ will slowly clear the path to your poem-side, making your mind much more favorable for the poem-spirit. In other words, this will help get your creativity flowing and you’ll find that a fantastic poem will strike you like lightning much sooner than it would have.

Happy National Poetry and Writing Month.



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