National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 29

Our second to last day of National Poetry and Writing Month 2012! Do you want to catch up on what poems I wrote? Scroll down and check out the posts, or click this to read my archive. Or, to stay tuned throughout the year, subscribe at right!

Yesterday was our second-to-last day of poetry. Today is our last day of poetry. Confusing? Maybe to you, but not really to me. Ah, after today, you’ll have to read 2012 from the archives! Here’s the 29th’s poem:


I Am

I am


pianist, singer, writer, painter, sketcher, and sculptor,


smarter than most I know.


always thinking of tricks or jokes to pull,


my mind with more thoughtful things, though.


the last,

Learned in Spanish, some Latin, plenty English.

I am who I am,

these, and sometimes more,

whatever described ain’t the limit

to who I am,


and will be:


I’m sure you’ve taken your name and tried to think of words and adjectives that match each letter, like in this poem. But have you ever thought carefully enough about the letter you’ve got and yourself to choose a word like you and your name? No, maybe not, but you should.

Yes, that’s your near-final challenge. Take your name and think of words that begin with the first letter of your name. Explain each word, if you wish. Say “I am” or “me” or “my” or all three at least once in your poem, because you are these words. Choose words carefully, and don’t try to make you seem like you’re perfect. Think about your underlying thoughts and what other people might say. (some people think my pranks are devious, or I am). But if you find yourself putting ‘angry’ phrases in, try throwing at least one ‘gentle’ or ‘nice’ word that might be underlying.

Enjoy your name!



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