National Poetry and Writing Month: 26 and 27

Welcome back! Did you miss the last few poems? Scroll down and check out the posts, or click this to read my archive. Want to know how to know as they come out? Subscribe at right!

Once again, here I am writing two more short poems in order to catch up. I am almost totally caught up, and tomorrow begins…THE LEGENDARY THING WHICH YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET !!! Here are the two:


High in the black sky,

an orange dot to me now:

rings by telescope,

just like a picture.


Our telescope, a marvelous garage-sale-find, has the power to see Saturn’s rings. We did so last night; in one word, “AMAZING!”.

Monarch Butterfly

A brown, paper-like chrysalis,

within, growing, a butterfly.

Today, it wiggles,

cracking its shell,

squirming, worming

its way free.

In its struggle,

it knows all dangers:

no escape? Starvation, dehydration, suffocation.

But with a last, triumphant shove,

the butterfly forces its way free

and dries its newly dyed wings

in the sun.

Some butterflies don’t make it free from their chrysalii. It’s sad to see what could have been a beautiful creature dead, halfway free, but that’s natural selection, because it would have passed on weaker genes. “That’s horrible!” you cry, “I hate that!” Natural selection is sad, but that’s how you became a human, so I wouldn’t cry too much.

This is your second-to-last poetry challenge for an entire year. It’s not even related to what I’ve written about. Your challenge is to become a creature. Look at any animal, any animal you want, and try and put yourself in its place. If you want to be a dolphin, imagine the water sliding past you. Feel your strong tail drive you faster. Swirl through the water and describe how it feels. Catch a breath and dive deep to bump your buddy. Break through the waves and jump, and describe that experience in detail. Start your poem with the words “I am a…” and end it with “Only I know how it/this/those feels.”

“I am a dolphin,/the sea rushing over my skin…”



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