National Poetry and Writing Month: Days 23, 24, and 25

Welcome back! Did you miss the last few poems? Scroll down and check out the posts, or click this to read my archive. Want to know how to know as they come out? Subscribe at right!

Do not panic because of the large amount of days inscribed above! This is an attempt to catch up to today! Besides, these are pretty short poems, so no need for the need to…PANIC!!!! Here are the three poems, all together:

Alien’s Mouth

A beautiful flower

growing in a shady place:

like an alien.


Sunshine gold

pure and white,

passes through a leaf

and becomes a greener light.

A Statue

Although it appears not to be

exactly the way humans are shaped,

the poise of its head,

the gaze from the eyes,

all make it hard to think

that it was not frozen

in stone.

There are only two days left in the National Poetry and Writing month! However, I’ll have you know that that’s not going to be the last time you hear of  NPWM for another year…nope. The end will BANG! like I had thought it would last year! For the currently mysterious finale, I want to make sure you’re caught up with the poetry challenges:

1. Write about the new event of Spring in your own words, in your own way.

2. Describe something you find hard to stop doing with metaphors and similes.

3. Pick a random object and describe it in a different way than is usually said.

4. Write a rhyming poem in a foreign language–or gibberish–and translate it.

5. Detail something that “would be fun” to do but you could never get around to it.

6. Describe the behavior of an animal, be it sitting or moving.

7. Explain something AWESOME that you are CAPTIVATED by.

8. Write a poem about something extremely unusual around your house–or make something up. Describe what you think it is–or could be!

9. Pick any word and make an onomatopoeic word for it.

10.  Write a haiku about water using the words “water” and “mine”/”my”.

11. Find a random object and write at least four but no more than eight  new ways to describe it. Imagine you were four years old!

12. Pick an object or emotion and describe it in meticulous detail.

13. Tell about something you once believed but was proven incorrect.

14. Write a poem about birds–even if you don’t have much to say.

15. Create a poem or ode about planet Earth!

If you want to join my…mysterious Flash Bang Finish, make sure you do at least one of these challenges. Some of you out there are going to roll your eyes and say, “Oh, yeah, I know what you’re doing here.” Good! Prepare it! I mean–*koff* *koff*–yeah, great, fine.

Hold your pants together until tomorrow keep tense!



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