National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 23

Welcome back!  Did you miss the last few poems? Scroll down and check out the posts, or click this to read my archive. Want to know how to know as they come out? Subscribe at right!

There’s no introduction here, nor really anything else, not even a challenge. I’m in a hurry to publish this and then get Earth Day! So here’s the poem for today:


It’s a language people don’t speak,

a command carried out to the letter.

Information that no one can ignore.

It tells how long to wait,

or how much to use,

what changes what,

but never what’s static.

Talking to or about a subject changes its existence,

while things in-described remain the same.

What’s this language, this miracle,

with listeners galore?

How could you possibly know the way

to get commands carried out, without resistance?

It’s coding, HTML, CSS,

the languages that computers understand,

explaining how the display is,

and what the controls do to change it.


Note: I only realized after writing this very quickly that I’d mis-posted and posted two Day 20 poems, which confused me! Sorry!


What do you think?

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