National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 22, Earth Day!

Welcome back! Happy (belated) Earth Day! Did you miss the last few poems? Scroll down and check out the posts, or click this to read my archive. Want to know how to know as they come out? Subscribe at right!

I’m sure you know that planet Earth is our home, the ‘best’ place for life in the solar system. It’s truly a miracle how after our planet was a molten ball of magma and bombarded by tons of rocks, cooled down, and allowed life to form. (In fact, the Earth isn’t that solid; the core and mantle are still extremely hot) How that life took advantage of its location and environment is truly a miracle, as well. On Earth Day, of course, we give our honor to the planet, be in nature, celebrate, and do a good deed to help the planet. This includes: picking up trash in the park or at the beach, recycling lots of paper, investing in solar panels, eating locally farmed foods, making something at home for a change, or perhaps walking, using the bike, or other public transportation instead of the car. Here’s my poem about our planet:

 Planet Earth

From dead space,

our blue planet appears the same;

vacant, dead, listless,


Silent storms

rage across the surface,

while oceans, mayhap toxic, churn.

But from her surface,

the Earth is alive,

swarming with organisms of types unbound.

Everything everyplace moves, somehow,

in the swirling, chaotic joy of life.

Rich carpets of green surround us,

from chlorophyll that harasses solar energy,

dispatching copious amounts of oxygen

to the atmosphere.

Our seas are teeming with life,

our earth crawling with animals.

A rock circling a star, swinging about the galaxy,


How do we repay her,

this miracle, our home?

Harboring our present, future, past?

We pump her living seas

to the brim with our own wastes,

release toxic fumes into our atmosphere.

Our planet has protected us from many dangers of space,

been a calm haven for life, ours, to form.

As a mother protects the child, and the child protects the mother,

we must now do our best for the Earth.

We are old enough, now, clever, to comprehend her troubles,

and old enough to hold much responsibility.

“What can we do? How can we help?”

With these questions, we begin,

honor our planet, Earth,

and do our part

for her,


 People can celebrate Earth Day, or say they celebrate, but really do nothing special: they don’t pick up trash, don’t use green transportation, etc. If you did that two days ago, don’t feel guilty, just do it now! Go hiking, walk along the shore, or relax in the park, but bring along a bag and gloves to pick up any trash you see. Even bring a reusable bottle of water and local food for a picnic-pick-up! If you don’t want to do that, just sit in the park.

Okay, since I’m in a hurry for the day, here’s your poetry challenge: write about the Earth! Write about it in general, how the animals coexist, how the weather is, how the animals react, etc. The planet is insane inspiration! Don’t worry if all you can come up with is “The planet Earth/is our home in space/a blue-green rock/indistinguishable from the others.” I think that’s fine, but if you don’t, revise until you do.

Happy Earth Day!



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