National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 20

“Today’s” poem is called, “In a Sea”, which really doesn’t have much to do with what you think it does. Did you miss the last few poems? (I don’t know why, there was enough time between now and it) Scroll down to read the posts, or click this to read the archive. Do you want to know when they come out? Subscribe!

Five poems. Currently, I’m behind on five poems. FIVE POEMS!!!! I’m really extremely sorry for letting you down, but at least this is not like last year, when I was missing days left and right! I promise that this extremity will NOT happen again! Without further ado, here’s today’s poem:

In a Sea

Look, while you swim

up towards the skies.

An ocean, so blue,

undisturbed by not a creature,

whipped into froth, occasionally.

And you are swimming in an ocean

disturbed by creatures all,

whipped into peaks, oftentimes.

You can’t swim in both seas,

unlike watery seas upon Earth,

Not be suspended without ability,

but swim in one in your body

and the other by mind.

I have nothing to say about this poem, nor what inspired it. Neither do I have anything poem challenge. The only words that I wish to say are that I am working hard to bring you four more poems.

Adieu, for now.




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