National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 21

“Today’s” poem is called, “The House Wren”, which really doesn’t have much to do with what you think it does. Did you miss the last few poems? Scroll down to read the posts, or click this to read the archive. Do you want to know when they come out? Subscribe!

Okay, so if I do two a day, I can get caught up in two days. I know, I know, you want me to catch up now so you can read the poems that you love to read so much, but I’m afraid that I don’t have that much time. You see, each day I really have just enough time to post one poem each day, much less FOUR, but I assure you that I WILL get caught up. The end of April is coming, and I am going to complete 30 poems and get you ready for the–whoops, almost spilled the salt there, didn’t I? You’re going to have to wait to see what I have to get you ready for! In the meantime, here’s the poem for “today”:

The House Wren

One of the smallest birds I’ve ever seen

hops closer to my window.

It’s a wren,

a house wren,

looking for nesting material in the bushes.

I see him lift his head,

and let loose his bubbling song.

How can such a small bird make such a gorgeous song?

House wrens live basically all over the United States, most of Canada, and nearly all of South America. If you live anywhere on the Americas, the chances are that you have heard or seen it at least once in your life. Their song is bubbling and melodious. When they see a predator or a rival wren, they make a rasping, croaking call that at first sounds like a completely different bird. These little wrens seem like they’re bon-bons from their small size, but they’re vicious creatures when it comes to nesting sites! If there’s a bird living in a tree cavity where a house wren wants to make its nest, the wren will fling out eggs, nestlings, and even kill adult birds to gain prime locale! But that still doesn’t change the fact that they’re adorable little packages of cute…

Okay, so your poetry challenge is BIRDS! There’s a bird no matter where you live, live you in the city or a rain forest. The next bird you see and enjoy watching you are going to write about. Watch it, think about its song, write down any first impressions, etc. Describe the beautiful feathers, or the way it moves, or how it looks at you. Can you mimic its call? Does the bird answer? Whatever inspires you about your choice bird, write it, even if all you have to say is “The humming bird is pretty because of all its feathers it always goes to the prettiest flowers and makes the prettiest sounds I love hummingbirds.” That can be poetry! If you’re not proud, change it, and if you’re still not happy, do it again, unless you don’t want to change what you’ve written, which is fine. As I’ve said before, no judge is going to review your poems! They come from your heart, which can be as private or as public as you want, just like a Facebook page.




What do you think?

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