National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 18

The poem that I’ve written and am publishing for today is entitled, “The Library”. Did you miss the last few poems that I’ve posted? Just scroll down to see the poem, post, and your poem-challenge! Do you just want to keep track of the poems when I publish them? Just subscribe!

The final poem that I post today to catch up to what I should have posted is also inspired by and written in a poetry workshop. The teacher said, “Do you have something that you once believed but don’t any more? Or perhaps science said something was true, you believed it, and then they changed what they thought? Like Pluto, how they said it was a planet, then didn’t anymore. Think of something and write about it.” I began to think about that, about how people keep changing their beliefs. At first I decided to play with the “Big Bang” theory and how people had thought the universe was a magical, infinite thing before that theory. Then I began to branch out into different ideas, and–hey, just read it yourself:

Until the Universe’s End

Once the universe was eternal,

had been, and forever.

Stars burning infinitely,

Earth the only place for life.

But now we have a beginning,

and in the future we’ll have an end,

all the things we know of

then never will be, never were.

But what things are forever

including our own beliefs?

What indeed will we hold onto

towards the time the end is near?

We had philosophies, viewed correct,

now “proven” mistaken,

the way our ancestors were once alive

and now are no longer.

What truly can we hold onto,

throughout the death of the universe?

What thing is so immortal

as to never, ever meet an end?

Life is always immortal,

even if the things we experience are not,

that pure existence, truly there, always.

Love is forever immortal,

there even when nought is nought,

through even death! it’s there.

Those! essences of our universe!

What we mistook as fleeting,

as opposite as what we think is permanent,

they are permanent, forever!

People are so fickle. We decide on one thing, then we want another and change our minds. We jump to conclusions very quickly. The media is hungry for new stories that will be read over and over, snatching up different bits of information that scientists just came out with and didn’t  have the time to perfect theories about. For example, if a new test was made on plants, and it was found that they actually used oxygen, a journalist might write Plants actually steal oxygen! Are not the world’s “Green machines”! Do the same as people! But they actually only took a few interviews on certain subjects and cut out certain words to make what they say sound true. In a week, the scientists have had time to reinforce their knowledge and find out why. Then the same journalist might say, “Green Machines” use oxygen 1/9th of what they produce! Have plants in your home! Blah, blah, blah…

For your challenge in the few remaining hours of daylight, I’m going to copy the words of my poetry workshop teacher: did you ever believe something, then learn information that proved you wrong? Write a poem about that, or about something that people once believed and changed their minds about. Eggs, milk, causes of cancer, Santa, the shape of the planet, your best friend actually being your best friend…just write about it! If you felt hurt, write that you felt hurt. If you were redeemed, say so.

Remember, you don’t have to show anyone your work, no matter how much they plead! Change it if you’re not satisfied, and don’t read it if you’re not proud. Your poems are yours like diary entries!



What do you think?

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