National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 17

The poem that I’ve written and am publishing for today is entitled, “The Library”. Did you miss the last few poems that I’ve posted? Just scroll down to see the poem, post, and your poem-challenge, or view this archive to just see the poems! Do you just want to keep track of the poems when I publish them? Just subscribe!

Nearly all writers, of poetry and novels, love books and other writing. So of course, how could I not love to go to the library? How could I not enjoy pouring through and straining through thousands of words among billions, reading, learning, and exploring? This poem was inspired by five little cards from a poetry workshop: a librarian, a harp, an archeopteryx (dinosaur), a road sign that says “Detour”, and a picture of duct tape. This is the poem that I made from those things:

The Library

I love to go to the library,

reading book after book after book,

I yield when the librarian calls me,

and points out a book I might like.

The musical choir of words

brings me away from reality

to a place of odd things, like archeopteryx,

or to learn the wonders of day-to-day duct-tape.

Minutes fade away

and time looses meaning,

leaving only the story in retrospect.

I glance up from my book

to find that I’ve been in a time-warp

because it’s time to go now.

Quite painfully I rip myself away from the book,

and close the cover on the world within it

the window to those adventures.

Now I’m living in two worlds.

Books are just little windows into other things! Whenever I read a new book, or even an old book, I’m teleported into that place or adventure, feeling things, squinting at the light. I’m an invisible wraith, drifting around the scene and following the main characters, seeing things occasionally through different characters’ eyes. I feel things, smell things, and see things from afar. It’s like a trance or a dream! When I was a kid, I just didn’t understand why those other kids had a hard time reading, or even hated it, because to me it was the best thing in the world! To me, it was better than pretending or video games because I could feel things! I could hear them exactly as I felt they would sound! As I read, it wasn’t that the words said what happened and described a past adventure, but I read to watch what happened before my eyes. I looked through the words and saw motion, existence, people…

You have no challenge today, unless you have a wealth of children’s cards. Choose one from five decks of those cards, no matter how silly they are, and write about them in one poem! It doesn’t even have to be a poem, just a simple story will do.

Read, write, and celebrate April!



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