National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 15

Today’s poem is called and is about, of course, “Love”. Did you happen to miss the last poems? Just scroll down, or check here for the previous ones. If you’d like to know when they come out, subscribe!

Okay, so I wrote this yesterday, but I wanted to post the poem I did post yesterday first, and I really didn’t get the ending ironed out until today, anyway…that counts for my book, does it count for yours? Oh, why and I asking you that? You’re the one here to read, and I’m the one here to give you stuff! Oh, brother, here’s the poem:


Love is a golden chain

that’s looped around my heart,

extending infinitely there, yet pulling

thus clenching painfully when we part.

Love is made of golden links,

built steadily over time,

constructing a strong bridge of old

between hearts, mine to thine.

Love is made of weak gold circles,

each’s resistance not always at best,

a single strain can be enough to break some,

putting anger in mind, pain shooting through my chest.

Love is a golden chain,

breaks rebuild-able with co-operation,

that link then the strongest of all,

thus strengthening our affection.

This is just a little poem about an idea, “Relationships are like chains”. I began wondering, “Well, how exactly like chains? What kind of chain? What happens when you leave for a time?” etc. The rhyme and meter was just coincidental and it just came out of my fingers that way. I suppose it’s because meter sounds better than willy-nilly words, kind of how paint ordered into vague shapes looks more like what you want it to be than a random, careless heap. But, like the impressionist art I was just using as a metaphor, poems without meter may actually have a fine choice of word and location that the casual reader can’t discern from the rest.

Metaphors and similes are very important to the world of poetry. Today’s challenge is somewhat like yesterday’s, but more detailed, because instead of simply writing different ways to see something, you’re going to pick one of those ways and specify it. If you felt that you didn’t do a good job of your challenge yesterday, pick another idea or feeling that you like. It can be something from a book, your own idea, a dream, something that people say a lot…but I’d rather it be your own stuff than what other people have said. Now specify your idea, going deeply within it to explore how it actually would be. Day 5’s poem is a little like that. Go ahead, dust off that imagination and don’t be afraid to be silly, serious, or sorrowful.

Your poems are yours! Let lose as you would to a diary!



What do you think?

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