National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 14

Miss me? Today’s poem is called “A Pencil”, known by its alternate alias “Eight Ways to See A Pencil”. Okay, so you didn’t miss me, but did you miss the last few poems? You can catch up on them here. So you really missed me? If you don’t want to miss me again, just subscribe!

Describing things is fun. In numerous poetry workshops all over the world, description is at least one prompt. In fact, description is a key part of poetry; if you don’t describe, how will the reader know what you’re talking about? This poem is from a prompt from a friend of mine. The prompt is very evident in the title, so there’s really no reason to explain it. No more talking, now: here’s the poem!

A Pencil

(Or “Eight Ways To See A Pencil”)

Lying on my desk,

awaiting my command. What is it?

There’s the easy answer, and the others:

A printer that makes 3-D pictures from simple data,

A tool of both destruction and creation, at opposite ends,

A magical wand that can create anything you imagine,

Yet another thing that can be mechanical and hands-on.

A conductor’s baton that leads words and letters,

Something that leaves marks permanent yet soluble,

A tool capable of making both flawlessly smooth curves and dramatically straight lines,

A way to speak with another without actually being face-to-face with him or her.

Today, since I wrote on a prompt, it would be fun if you wrote by one, too, but you don’t have to do as many ways to view whatever…well, you could if you wanted to, but for the sake of our…final project, you can do shorter. Pick any object: a bowl, a pencil sharpener, a pen, a book, a phone, a penny…now think of at least four but no more than eight ways to describe it that are completely original! If you try eight, you may be surprised at how difficult it can become to get that many!

The post itself today has been short, but my time to write it has been short. I hope you have fun describing your object!



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