National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 11

Today’s poem is “Nuclear Sludge”. Did you miss what I’ve just posted? Catch up on the poems here! Do you want to keep track of them? Subscribe at right!

In-ground outdoor spas gather a lot of junk, especially when not being used. Visiting my relative’s house today, their spa was an…interesting…yellow-green color, as if the dog had…”used” it. This is how I beheld that spa:

Nuclear Sludge

Stagnant in an in-ground spa,

not even leaves floating on the surface,

the few bugs and flies within feebly wiggling their last life away.

That neon green color,

unseen naturally in nature,

I swear it would glow at night!

Perhaps, if I fell in,

a single touch would bring my fate,

causing mutation at the barest contact.

“Oh I’m slipping I’m–!”

Neon green is not a natural color. Seriously, what natural thing have you ever seen that is that glowing, nuclear color? Neon green is the color of glow-sticks, for heaven’s sake! If you had seen that spa, you would have thought it was some sort of radioactive waste, too.

Thankfully for you, the challenge for today is not about disgusting things. (Some of you are sighing, “Aaaaaawww!” right now) No, I want you to write about something around your house that’s unusual very, very weird that you’ve never seen before. Perhaps there’s a yellow film (could be pollen, but hey, who knows?) over a pool in your patio. Perhaps there’s something else really odd. If you can’t find anything interesting enough, make something up! Perhaps the pot of soup that you forgot about for six hours has turned black…how would you describe it, and what would you think it was if you didn’t know?

Whatever it is, don’t shove me, or I’m going to–AUGH! I’m loosing balance over the sludge! Wait, grab my arm and haul me back! No, I’m falling, eep–!




What do you think?

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