National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 10

Today’s poem is “If I Was A Dust Mote”. Did you miss what I’ve just posted? Catch up on the poems here! Do you want to keep track of them? Subscribe at right!

Afternoon light, just like morning light, has a specific glow to it, especially when it shines through a window onto dust motes.  Often, when it does shine through a window onto dust motes, it’s usually a boring, long, and tiresome afternoon. When those afternoons come about and most things seem futile, I watch how the dust floats around, as if each was in perfect equilibrium underwater. Here’s the poem that this whole idea inspired:

 If I Was A Dust Mote

What if I

was a mote of dust,

weightless in the air?

Drifting, here, away,

carried by a breeze there?

What if I

drifted into a shaft of light,

from a an afternoon-lighted window?

Barely restrained by gravity,

floating in that heavenly glow?

What if I

was tugged by airy currents,

yanked into someone’s wake with ease?

Then following the flow still,

I’d get in their nose and make them sneeze!

Writing a poem every day without repeating myself on the same subject is pretty hard because the gorgeous, warm, sunny days where I live are just so amazing! And the birds that I keep seeing are just some of my favorite creatures, along with the lizards! And the stars! Seeing them, especially through a telescope for the first time, is amazing too! With all these amazing things, and with the amazement that I have each time I see them, as I said, it’s really, really, really hard not to write about them in exactly the same way time after time after time after time after time…

And after that brief bout of a non-rational amount of “time after time”s, I bring us to the CHALLENGE that (Bold, italic, underline, caps lock) YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR MOST LIKELY NOT!! (bold, italic, underline, caps lock). As I’ve been talking about things that you have a hard time stopping being amazed by, that’s the challenge. I bet that you, no matter how teeny-weeny of a deal it seems, have something you find UTTERLY AND INCREDIBLY AWESOME AND JUST CANNOT STOP THINKING OR WRITING ABOUT. So write  a short (or not) poem (or ballad) about how captivating that thing its. Write about what words you’d use over, and over, and over again to describe that thing.

And don’t hold back.



What do you think?

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