National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 4

Today’s poem:

Today I’ve decided to show you with actual writing how Spanish poetry has a fantastic meaning in its original language as opposed to a translation, as I detailed in a previous post. Now, seeing as I’m only at the start of the race with Spanish, don’t expect Shakespeare with a fantastic choice of words, but please just read and try to understand how the words fit together.

 La Luna Bonita

Hoy voy,

voy a la luna.

voy a la luna y mira a alguna

coza más bella en el cielo.

Mira, la tierra, qué blanco!

Cómo mucho blanco, mejor que  la nieve,

cómo bella esta!

Bella, bella,

en el cielo esta!

Esta la luna bonita!

Since I can’t expect you to know el español, here’s a simple translation of what I wrote above:

The Beautiful Moon

Today I go,

I go to the moon,

I go to the moon and look at some

things most beautiful in the sky.

Look, the ground, what white!

How much white, better than the snow,

How beautiful it is!

Beautiful, beautiful,

it is in the sky!

It’s the beautiful moon!

In the Spanish version, notice how the words rhyme and sound alike. If you take it to Google translate  and translate it into Spanish, you can actually hear a vague version of how it would actually sound. Notice that the rhythm is completely different, the syllable count and exact definition of the words is different. Oh, if I keep going on about this, I’m only going to repeat what I’ve said before. If you’re a new reader, check out my post about Spanish and Poetry: What We Lose By Translations.

For your challenge today, I’m going to ask you a question: Do you know a language? Any second language? If you do, write a brief poem in what words you know. If you don’t, don’t use Google translate; the translation is weird and doesn’t really work all the time. Instead, write a poem in pure gibberish. Write weird stuff like “wooby poopy ka/pabby a mappi ma/shorbi a thopie da/horshin foo baba za.” and translate it. “This is a stupid poem/I don’t really want to write it/but because poems can be fun/I did it anyway.” Write it down, or even better, post it as a comment! I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with as gibberish! 🙂

Enjoy April 4th, and thanks for so much support!



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