National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 2

Today’s (or yesterday’s)poem: “Out of Bed”.

Sorry that I’m a little late posting day 2 when it’s obviously day 3, but I didn’t get to the computer yesterday. I’ll catch you later for day 3, hmmmm? Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, day 2!

Yesterday held so much inspiration: the way the sun shone, the amount of stars I saw at night, the sea, the smell of flowers…but this one was the one I chose.

Out of Bed

It’s 7:00.

I’ll be late if I don’t get up now.

But I can’t,

because I can’t

get up now!

I know it’s 7:10,

and I’ll be late if I don’t get up now,

but I can’t

because I can’t

get up now!

As the clock ticks 7:15,

I try to get up,

but it’s cold, and my bed is so warm!

I’m still a little tired,

and still a little cold,

so the arms of the bed surround me,

the warmth and comfort

a vortex to suck me in again,

to make me fall asleep when I don’t mean to,

to make me late especially when I don’t mean to!

So I leap across the room,

as far as I can,

and grasp onto the shelf o’er there.

And I’m out of the vortex’s

swirling grip, and I can finally get to work!

But the book on my nightstand,

that I was reading last night,

I read during breakfast,

as the clock ticks towards 8:00…

That’s my opinion as to why it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning! And it’s odd, because if you get up and go away, you don’t really feel the urge to get back in bed, but if you do anyway, you can’t get out until 10:00, when it really feels like you ought to get out and can.

Here’s a little poetry mission I’m going to give you, reader, wherever on Earth you are, Czech Republic (Yes, I’ve had visitors from there) or America, I want you to find something that you find hard to do or hard to stop. Is it reading? Then explain to me how it feels, in words in any language (Including nerd or internet meme), to try to rip yourself away. What pulls you in? How do you describe it? Can you just not stop eating potato chips? What’s the psychology there? What do you keep thinking, but you just keep eating?

Enjoy the 3rd day of N.P.W.M., and I hope you enjoyed the second!



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