National Poetry and Writing Month: Day 1 Kickoff!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Last year, I began to write a poem a day for National Poetry and Writing month, April, ending with a contest. I got the most posts in during that month, and the most views. This year, I’m going to do more daily poems, (and perhaps the contest), and hopefully get or beat last year’s record for views.

Ah, April’s  a great time for poetry! Spring has begun, and there’s so much to see about the change in weather…and to write about! Baby birds, fresh grass, a trip to the seaside on a warm day, flowers…anything. By standing still long enough, you can certainly cobble together a few words to compose a simple poem. If you stand longer with a pen, you can create greater works of art.  If you take your life, you can have a masterpiece. This month, I’ll note any poem that I ever find pouring through my mind.

Let’s begin…


The sun has just slid past the hills,

just after the level of the horizon

the hidden horizon.

There’s the moon,

a half-circle in the sky,

the craters you can look at through the telescope.

And as the cooling breeze ruffles your hair,

glance up, and you can see,

following the sun’s curved path across the sky,

the evening star,


a glowing circle of light.

There you go. Today and for thirty more days, read, write, and hear poetry. If you want to see all my poems together, go to this page.

See you tomorrow!



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