The Swirling Chaotic Matrix of Reality

You’re moving.

I’m moving.

Oh gosh, everybody in this  insane world is spinning crazily at an unstoppable speed, twirling blindly and plunging towards the unknown!

And no, that’s not a metaphor for the economy or human thought and development.

Nor for time.

No, it’s for  solid things, reality, things that really are, not things that are simple ideas.

Let’s start with you. You are sitting in a chair, in front of your computer or iPhone or whatever you’re reading this on. And what is your chair on? “The floor.” What’s the floor on? “The dirt.” What’s the dirt on? “Uh…” Do you really have to think? “Oh, yeah. The planet” Precisely!

This planet is, to begin with, doing a regular. three-sixty in ‘danger’ of tipping off an imaginary line and falling over. This rotation takes a minutes longer than twenty-four hours. The speed at which you’re moving relies on the distance you are from the equator towards a pole, just like a top or a record that you sent spinning, or a ‘spinner’ in the playground that you’d play on. The closer you get to the center, the faster you spin; that’s like the closer you get to a pole. The farther out you lean, the slower you go, likewise for moving towards the equator, although you’d still make the same number of rotations!

So the planet is spinning, and taking you with it, at roughly 1,000 miles per hour, greater than the speed of sound. This topspin started billions of years ago, during the Big Bang, when a couple of particles hit each other at exactly the right angle to start spinning.

That same principle applies to our planet, moving around the sun. The sun, or the planet, or both, met at the right place to start rotating. Earth is going around the sun at 365 days plus 1/4, made up of those extra minutes I was talking about. That’s why we have a leap year every four years: four quarters of a day is one full day, as you very well know. That speed that we’re spinning like a rock at the end of a rope is around the mild speed of 66,000 miles per hour, around MACH 52, 52 times the speed of sound.

So far that we’ve covered, you’re spinning 67,000 miles per hour.

And we’re not done yet.

“Oh geez,” you’re saying, “What else is there to spin? We’ve covered Earth’s orbit of the Sun, right? That’s it, isn’t it?”

Nope. At the center of every universe, there is not a star, but a black hole. This black hole has a much greater gravity than a measly star, therefore it can grab the attention of any stellar companion (forgive the pun). The Sun that the spinning planet Earth is rotating around, along with 9+ other planets, around a tortoise 43,000 miles per hour.  To get that weak-hearted pace, the Sun is pretty far away from the center of the galaxy. In fact, it’s so far, that the Sun has only made a single orbit since it  began to orbit.

That’s 110,000 miles per hour total!

“Oh,” you say, “That’s a lot, but surely the rest of this post is simply about theories? It can’t be about more motion, because we’ve covered everything, right?”

No shid-doodles.

When the Big Bang made every element in the Universe, it flung everything away from the center of the blast. If we still rely on this theory of the Big Bang, than the entire galaxy, black holes, stars, planets, moons, and you, is moving leaving everything behind at 1.3 million miles per hour. If you were to hop into an airplane in Los Angeles that could move that fast, and had to make it to New York in seven hours, then you’d get there in seven  seconds; but that would take too much fuel to get that fast, and pushing off the planet’s surface might reverse orbit (not really), so nobody’s done that.

You are going at least 1,110,000 miles per hour, all in a crazy swirling route that first goes one way, then another.

Now the theory of the post begins!

What if you really stopped? What if you suddenly stopped moving, permanently? Let’s start with a train.

You are standing on the train. Before you start wondering how on Earth you got there, look at the speedometer. You are clipping along at a healthy 70 MPH!  You can see it now, right? If you were to stop all motion that you have right now, that would be the same as standing on the tracks as a train barrels into you. You are like a fly in a moving car: you have been moving with the car, you were born moving, and you will keep moving until the day you die, and still forever after.

If you were to perhaps go to the top of Mount Everest, and jump while you stop, well…

That would be as if you were on the same train, on a car two feet above the rail, jumping off onto the ground. The whole show would keep on moving, you would be helpless there, waiting. If you magically had the ability to breathe and stay alive without food or water, even then, the entire galaxy would abandon you. You would be standing in a point in space,  forever. If you could simply pause at a point in Earth’s  rotation, not a point in endless space, the next time the planet came around, it would cream you. (You would leave a crater as if a meteor travelling over a million miles per hour had hit the planet dead-on) The reason for this is physics, which you will or have already studied in high school, if you aren’t learning it now or teaching it.

So don’t stop moving.


Resources: How Fast Are You Moving When Sitting Still?

Wikipedia: Speed of Sound


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