Happy Holidays, One And All!

Christmas and Hanukka are both here at last! Good tidings to all!

Before you get indignant, I’m postponing my current story, “Operation Kiss-My-You-Don’t-Wanna-Know-What” until next week. After all, it’s  the holidays! There is also a bit if writer’s block at the point where I am now, so I appreciate your patience for the story!

So, our subject: gifts! Oh my, they’re fun! How many times,, especially as a kid, could you barely wait to open your gifts on Christmas morning? Of course, of course…

The gifts I’m giving my close family are all homemade this year, and all wrapped differently. In vagueness, I have made pillows, key chains, and knitted things. There is one wrapped in a nice silver box with a double length of red yarn for the ribbon, one tiny one in a box wrapped with red-and-white tissue paper tied with a triple length of red yarn, one wrapped normally with purple wrapping paper and tied with a gold ribbon, and one wrapped up with Christmas-themed fabric, fastened with gold safety-pins, and trussed up with a double length of bright red yarn! This is the first time that the wrapping of all the gifts I’ve made are special and unique from each other! Sure, somebody cut  the cloth in a strange way and it was the only thing left on hand, but hey, it worked!

Another thing  that most people don’t go the season without is cookies! “Chocolate Orange Dreams”, “Snowballs”, “Magic Bars”, “Oatmeal Cookies”, and more are special traditions in this house, but also in preparation this year are cinnamon buns, which are rising right now, and waffles for tomorrow! Oh, and don’t forget the dinner and cookies for Santa!

Therefore I will leave you to enjoy your holiday and be with family, and leave me to catch the buns before they rise too high. Happy Holidays, everyone!


What To-Morrow Will Bring

When soon-nearing darkness

falls over the world,

joyous are those

who are in celebration this night.

For tonight is a holiday,

whence most know best,

Where trees wear bright decor,

and bear a bright star.

Those trees shelter gifts,

from loved ones to same ones,

whilst ‘pon the mantelshelf,

dangle stockings, embroidered.

And the morrow will bring,

much joy of to sing,

spying stockings a-brimming,

presents a-tempting,

And breakfast the toast of the town!



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