Thank You, Thank You Very Much! A List of All Small and Large Thanks-Givings

Thanksgiving! The day when the pilgrims gave thanks for their good harvest is the day when Americans today have a traditional feast and give their own thanks for this day and age. But most may think that there isn’t much to be thankful for…there is.

1. I’m thankful for being well off money-wise in this economy. Not rich, but not in poverty, either.

2. This thanks go to my family. Nothing else needed.

3. My mind is so good at carving my story. Thanks to it too.

4. I’m thankful for living in America, because it’s generally safe here.

5. I’m thankful that I live in this recession, and not the great depression. You should be too.

6. Thank you Evelyn, my parent’s jeweler, who showed me the gemology world to open the door for my career decision then.

7. Thanks for Skype, letting me talk in person, face to face, to anyone I love far, far away.

8. I’m thankful that the economy went down at the right time for me to get this house at a good price

9. My good health is something to be thankful for, too.

10. I hate my oven, but I suppose that I should be thankful that it even works.

11. Words. How else could one express what they feel to another?

12. Thanks, whomever did it, for inventing the internet and publishing. I can talk to people all over the world, everywhere, and when I die I’ll still talk to them.

13. Thank you, cool weather. I prefer living in a mild climate, even mildly cold to living where it’s sweltering all the time.


That’s just a short list of the things that I’m thankful for. There are many, many more things that are taken for granted that we should be thankful for. For example, yeah, gas costs four bucks a gallon, but hey, it’s not ten, right?


Family gathered around the table,

the lights dimmed to a candle,

the food awaits us patiently.

Hands clasped, we say grace,

and give ritual to the giving of thanks,

before serving the traditional turkey.

‘Round the table, each

member of this stalwart event intones

his or her thanks for the year.

As we eat, each reflects

and is filled with thankful air.


Thank you for reading my blog.




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