Music Is A Thousand Notes

When I was little, I took this one music class called ‘bells’. I would choose a bell, open my book to the song, and count beats softly to myself, sounding the bell at the appropriate time. All around the room began soft ringing tones, singing “Aura Lee” and “Grandfather Clock”.

But wait! My music only read the note that I played, only at my timing! Each bell played individually, but the symphony was in the proper order to create a song. I realized this as a concept of music. Each song or tune is made up of several individual notes, all played at different times and held for certain amounts of time. Like in bells, some notes would be played more often, and your arm would get tired. Others played only a few times.

Now, move on to the piano. When you first start to learn, you play one note at a time, each finger pressing a note individually. After you improve, you begin to play chords, and several notes at the same time. If you play the piano, you may notice some keys get sticky, such as high c or another note you play often.

Bach is a good example of a composer: in his songs, both the left and right hands play a tune. I play “Bouree” by him, “Gavotte” by him, “Soffeggio”, by his son, and “Tacotta and Fugue,” the most famous song by J.S. Bach.  

I also can pick out different melodies and instruments in songs. ABBA is one of my favorite bands because of the variety of instruments and tunes they use, as well as the choir of voices. Next time you listen to music, put on some headphones, and try to pick out triangles, guitars, flutes…Also listen to see if a certain note is played more than others.

Ah, music! One of my favorite subjects!



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