3-D Letter Workshop: How to Draw Those “Cool” Letters

You’ve probably seen somebody, most likely a budding artist, draw neat letters, and later, when you need a flashy sign or decal, will remember these letters and wonder how to draw them. Just for you, then, is this neat little workshop!

Step 1: Draw the first letter, but make sure that it’s capitalized. Make it big, too.

Step 2: Make the letter thicker by adding a line to each existing line. Look at the picture for guidance.

Step 3: Draw a line slightly to the right of any vertical lines and slightly above each horizontal line.

Step 4: (In the picture, this is still step three, but it counts as a second step) draw a diagonal line from the corners of each horizontal line towards the right -> to connect with the newly created third lines.

Step 5: Fill in the part you made at step 2 with color/make a shadow on the ground/whatever.

Ta-da! There you go! Now make lemonade stands, letters, or anything else with the ease of stand-out letters!

Oh, and by the way, I just finished a short story. I’m working on the whole editing thing, and when I think it’s publishable, I’ll show it to you.



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